The Depths of Draemings at Los Angeles' Bootleg Theater


Los Angeles' Draemings promoted showmanship and community during their Friday night concert at the Bootleg Theater. Audiences were starry-eyed as the Glam Rock group bewildered them with an enticing performance. The group's riveting melodies and engrossing sets engaged the concert-goers as they tightly crowded around the elevated stage. Covered in glitz and glamour, Draemings' eye-catching talents raise the bar. Music lovers will be dazzled by their fashionable glam attire along with their unique and unified talents.

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Kimi Recor, is a forceful nymph-like creature on stage. While off stage, she is a dynamic and lovable muse. She along with the band members in the group could be role models for music communities due to their individual talents and powerful unity. Their memorable live performances are a treat for people searching for a high-powered and mystifying show. The group also performed a touching performance dedicated to their friend, Emery, and reflected on his impact on the local music scene. 

Draemings on-stage and off-stage chemistry builds upon their powerful live performances. Check out their latest tracks and event information at:

Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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