The Drums Sold Out Concert at Gramps Wynwood


The Drums played a sold-out show on December 1st at Gramps in Miami, Florida. On this leg of the tour, they were accompanied by Hoops. The Indiana band surprised the crowd with their highly melodic songs, all packed with groovy keyboards and guitar riffs. Hoops’ performance was unique in that three of the members took turns singing lead vocals on various songs, where you could also notice the different song writing styles of each. This added a very enjoyable element to their music. Hoops released their debut album "Routines" in May.

The Drums band emerged amidst smoke in the outdoor venue with lead singer, Jonny Pierce, in a navy jumpsuit with the title of their 2016 release, Abysmal Thoughts printed on the back. Though Jonny’s persona is known to include very serious and sullen facial expressions, he told the crowd he could not help but smile upon hearing the news that Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. The band’s instrumentation was very cohesive, and their post punk and new wave influences were apparent throughout the performance. Pierce created an intimate connection with the audience, gesturing to fans and holding their hands.

Johnny Pierce also showcased his fan favorite dance moves, jubilantly swaying and spinning about the stage. The exceptional showmanship was further highlighted by his impressive vocal range, as well as the emotion expressed through his lyrics. The devoted fans near the front of the crowd started a mosh pit as well as continual crowd surfing which lasted the majority of the show. The band chose an adequate mix of cuts from all of their albums, which flowed very well, and increased the intensity of Pierce’s delivery, and the reactions of the crowd as the show progressed. The Drums proved to be an exceptional live act, with their clean sound and vibrant stage presence.

Photography by Veronica and Coverage by Alexander Kioukis

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