The Drums Share Joy and Human Connection with "Brutalism"


Currently on their Brutalism tour, The Drums are connecting with their faithful audience through compelling tracks, personal social media posts, and riveting live music experience. Jonny Pierce’s introspective and vulnerable lyrics manifest an immediate connection with first time listeners. Each engaging track provides meaningful dialogue on unrequited love, depression, and self exploration. Avid fans seek to find out more about their favorite tracks through The Drums and Jonny Pierce social media posts due to the gritty details shared in the lyrics. The nostalgic tracks highlight important issues not easily discussed in every day life. He presents in his art form, social media, and live performance on how joy can be achieved with connecting with others and connecting with oneself.

In their third album, “Abysmal Thoughts,” the mesmerizing tracks evoke self exploration of an individual and an artist. In their second album, “Encyclopedia,” Jonny Pierce experienced an separation from his family. Due to this pinnacle point of his life, he went through pain that was not expressed in his lyrics or music. Instead The Drums took a fantasy story-telling route with this album. With each sad lyric is an alluring dance melody tied to it, representing with joy there may be sadness and vice versa. In each track, the artist’s intentions are to be honest with his feelings while creating space for human happiness.

“Brutalism” was the next chapter in the singer-songwriter’s life after the release of “Abysmal Thoughts” in June 2017. Jonny Pierce chose a different approach on the composition and production of the confessional album. Instead of performing all the instruments and recording himself, he decided to take a collaborative approach. He worked with artists on recording various instruments, writing, and inviting sound engineers and mixing engineers to assist him. This camaraderie aided the artist on conveying messages that came across on the new album. It also provided him with ample to time to self reflect on his thoughts and artwork. By being outside of his comfort zone and letting go, Jonny felt a rush of inspiration and relief on his songwriting process.

“Brutalism” was manifested with nostalgia and pain as antidotes in The Drums’ discography. Behind the alluring tunes lies an openness and honest emotion in each witty lyric. Jonny Pierce had previously moved to Belgium to be united with his boyfriend. Relocating to another country for his strong belief in love and desiring to be inseparable but unfortunately the relationship turned for the worst. The artist shares the brutality of the love in which he experienced and giving up all of himself and not receiving the same effort and emotions in return. He experienced loneliness and sadness despite efforts in being close with his loved one. He became reliant on this attention and focused on anything that could keep them together. Eventually he brought a demise to this toxic relationship and realized his individual health and happiness was more important. With “Brutalism,” the aim is to honor joy and happiness while depicting the frightening aspects of falling in love and the trials and tribulations that go with any attempt of openness. Along with expressing that no one is alone through difficult times in their quests.

The signature track, “Loner,” was originally meant to be featured on the album, “Abysmal Thoughts,” instead the artist revamped the track and debuted it as a single to promote the album release. Jonny Pierce has commented interviews that “Loner” represents the space in which he previously existed. Listeners can instantly related to this insightful track on longing for physical and social connections. As people fear being rejected by outsiders or those they love, it can prevent them from developing human connections. Johnny Pierce has also commented how several fans have expressed the meaningfulness of this track to them.

Along with the pursuit of creating this album, he has also exercised self care that he has shared with his devoted fans such as eating differently, seeking therapy, and exercising self love. He moved to Los Angeles which provided him clarity in contrast to his former residence in New York which left him feeling rushed and crowded. As many artists romanticize pain and idealize what the life and work of an artist should be, Jonny Pierce is taking on a lifework approach to his art and the mission of an artist by trying not to dwell on agony and instead pursuing self care, advocating in politics, and encouraging human connection.

Brutalism was released on April 5th on Anti-Records.

Experience your own connection with meet and greets, mosh pits, and nostalgic dances tracks on The Drums’ Brutalism tour! For more information and upcoming tour dates, visit their official website here.


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