The Howlers Encourage Fans to Live “La Dolce Vita”


Vivacious desert rock may not be what you’d first expect to emerge from the East London music scene, but UK trio, The Howlers, have never been ones to fade into the masses.

Rather, with the release of their debut single, “La Dolce Vita” on June 7th via These Bloody Thieves Records, this up-and-coming band makes a point to push back against the grain.

A track pulsating with pounding drum lines and grunge yet rodeo-inspired vocals, The Howlers present fans with a celebration of individuality that not only encourages listeners to be themselves, but showcases the unapologetically unique style of the band itself.

And with over 10k music video views on social media and 1k spotify streams in only 48 hours following the release, as well as radio plays and praise by BBC Radio 1 and Radio X, it’s clear that The Howlers wasted no time winning over the crowd with their catchy hooks and fringe-covered coats. Not a bad start for a group who only recently celebrated their first year together as a band.

However, if a single track isn’t enough to satisfy your desire for a newly acquired taste in British desert rock, don’t fear. Known for ferocious live show energy, The Howlers have been tearing up the underground scene with a slew of tours across the UK, including a Summer Tour this June and July.

So, between streaming booms, high-profile radio appearances, and a relentless string of live shows, it won’t be long before fans are introduced to the whirlwind of energy that is The Howlers, and start to see what “La Dolce Vita” is really all about.

For more information and tour dates check out the band’s website here and follow The Howlers on social media.

Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

Images provided by the artists

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