The Phantom Anthem Tour


The Phantom Anthem Tour made a stop in Sayreville, NJ and if you are from around here, I hope you didn't miss it. August Burns Red headlines the bill joined by Ocean Grove all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Erra and Born of Osiris. This tour's shows are packed and very often sold out, so get your tickets people and let the moshing begin. We were at their show at Starland Ballroom on February 15th and here's what happened.



Ocean Grove were first on stage and they were far more than an opening act to me. As soon as they got on stage, the venue started shaking and the moshing was on point. These guys know how to get the bloods flowing and the show going. With great stage presence from Luke Holmes, they got show as well as the crowd going and we had no other option but to jump up and down.




Erra was up on stage next and with their singer, J.T. Cavey, their active performance  and progressive metalcore riffs, the crowd was going nuts. These guys have been in the music scene for almost 10 years and know very well how to rock a place out. Hadn't seen them live before, but now I know I will be looking out for their next show.



Born of Osiris brought their technical death metal on stage and headbanging madness ensued! Non stop crowdsurfing, sing alongs and mosh pits everywhere. Perfect execution and endless energy. A great showing! Now, absolutely everybody was already sore, sweaty but ecstatic and ready for ABR.



Time for our headliners and some more metalcore! What can I say for them that hasn't been said 1000 times over? Stunning performance, technical perfection, continuous crowd interaction and a set list that left nothing behind. I thought the crowd gave it all with the previous bands, but alas, everyone kicked in 6th gear and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. ABR mirrored the energy and got it right back from the crowd, the perfect pendulum! Like I said before, if you missed them this time, do yourself a favor and don't miss them again.  

August Burns Red released their latest Album, Phantom Anthem, on October 2017 with Fearless Records, which peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, selling more than 19,000 copies in its first week. Get yours now!


·         King of Sorrow

·         Empire

·         The Frost

·         Spirit Breaker

·         Identity

·         Ghosts

·         Hero of the Half Truth

·         Invisible Enemy

·         Provision

·         Beauty in Tragedy

·         Marianas Trench

·         Float

·         White Washed

·         Dangerous

·         Composure

Coverage by Anna Antonopoulos 

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