Silence is the most powerful scream; The Silencer will make you scream your lungs out


Late last year, The Silencer was up on the stage and there was no one in the crowd who was not amazed by the sounds and energy coming through. We felt that this was the moment for no boundaries in art, music and even, life; limit is the sky, don't they say? Well, this is true! A live performance like no other, travelling us to new sounds and new feelings.

But the most amazing and worth mentioning fact, is that The Silencer is a one man show; a solo project.

Charles Corletta is the one who writes, records and performs all the instruments and vocals on the recordings for The Silencer. But how does he do all that?

Q: Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself and the name of your project.

A: My Name is Charlie Corletta. I am the creator song writer and lead singer for NY based Metalcore band and Solo project The Silencer.

Q: Any particular reason why you chose this name? 

A: I am a huge fan of old school Melodic Death Metal from Sweden. One of my favorite bands growing up was The Haunted from Gothenburg Sweden. They had a song called Silencer. I thought it was a dope name and thought it would make a good band name. I dreamt of using it for years and when I finally started this project there was no other name I wanted to use. I like it for different reasons. So, on one hand, it’s an homage to the Gothenburg sound and scene. That sound has been a heavy influence on my metal upbringing. I also enjoy the irony in the name. Silencers tend to be quick and deadly but they are “silent” I liked that a big, loud, in your face metal band could have the same name and cause the same sort of impact in a live show setting. 

Q: The Silencer is a solo project that started solely by you; you write, record, and play all the instruments. How did it all start?

A: I was playing drums in bands professionally most of my life. Little did people know I was also a vocalist and guitarist. I had written either riffs or songs for previous bands I was in over the years. Finally the time came when I left my one band, Will Killmore and I was burned out being in a band. The conflicts and issues that surface from being with a group are complex and all I really wanted to do was to write music. I took on some session gigs drumming but knew I had more to offer than just my drum skills so I embarked on writing my first tune “Discovery Of The Lost Cause.” It received regular rotation on New Jersey metal FM radio station 89.5 WSOU and reached #1 on their most requested charts. The single is the only one in my catalog to date where I didn’t perform all vocals drums and guitars. But I still wrote the parts and produced how I wanted things to sound. Originally i wanted the project to encompass inviting friends I’ve played with or met in the scene over the years to perform on the songs I wrote. What I found was, although it made for a creative and fun experience, it was difficult to schedule people and the end result I felt was falling short in certain areas because I had a very specific idea of how I wanted things to sound. Once I start writing a track, I generally hear the end result in my head pretty quickly. I, then, decided I would solely create the music I was hearing in my head instead of having to spend money in rehearsal time and studio time trying to explain it to another musician who might not be able to hear it the same way. After this I decided to write and record all instruments and vocals myself. 

I am proud to announce that the latest single being worked on actually is the first ever collaboration with members Greg Guiler(guitar), Zaki Ali(Drums) and Dave Goyette(Bass) of my live band. The result so far is nothing short of ambitious and refreshing. I can’t wait for people to hear this! 


Q: What are your music influences and musical icons? Please list the albums that you are currently obsessed with.

A: I have a very diverse musical pallet. My influences do not stem from a specific genre or sound. I listen to everything from Blues, Alternative, EDM, Hip Hop, Metal, Singer Song Writer, etc. Good music is good music. Some artists I appreciate are Tom Petty, Alice In Chain, In Flames, At The Gates, Pretty Lights, Snoop Dogg, Miles Davis, Amos Lee, Black Crowes, G&R, Blind Mellon, Motörhead, Etc. You could say my influences are guitar and drum based but I’m also a huge fan of 90’s hip hop and R&B. 

Albums I am currently obsessed with in the rock and metal realm range from older material to more recent. I’m really high on Silverstein “Discovering The Waterfront,”  Cyhra “Letters To Myself,” Beartooth “Aggressive,” After The Burial “In Dreams” Killswitch Engage “Disarm The Descent” In Flames “Soundtrack To Your Escape,” Unearth “Darkness In The Light,” and Slash w/ Miles Kennedy and The Conspirators “World On Fire” and Mastodon’s “Once More Around The Sun.”  

Q: What are the songs usually about ? Were do you pull inspiration for your lyrics and songs?

A: My songs are a range of emotions and thoughts that I pull from my life experiences. They range from issues stemming from being raised without a father, having a mother who suffered from mental illness, personal short comings, character defects, a failed relationship and engagement, self reflection, inner strength, social injustices and basically the will to forge ahead despite and all obstacles in my life. 


Q: Your newest single "Atonement" came out a few months ago. Talk to us about this and if there is any reason you picked up this name. 

A: The track was engineered by my live guitarist and former Julius Seizure/Will Killmore bandmate Steve Toth as well as Joel Monet of South Jersey band Circuitry.  

A few years back I had a failed long term relationship where we were engaged to be married. It really took a toll mentally on me when it ended. I then jumped into a relationship where I was done real dirty and taken advantage of. I was just really lost and everything I had built around me crumbled in a blink of an eye. It forced me to take a deep and eye opening look at the man I was and the way I acted in the face of conflict. It demanded that I pay attention to the demons, insecurities and trust issues I would usually brush under the carpet. When I wrote “Atonement” I was in a better place emotionally and mentally but still had these thoughts lingering. I felt the need to wash my soul clean and wanted to seek forgiveness for those I had wronged and for those who had wronged me. Writing and performing the track had been very cathartic for me.

Q: Late last year, you played with 36 Crazyfists, in a packed show at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Describe your feelings. 

A: Yeah!!! You were there! You know we do ;) hahaha! Seriously, It was awesome and I’m really grateful for having had the chance to play with one of my favorite bands. That show was actually The Silencer’s first ever live show! Talk about “No pressure!!!” Lol. I knew we had to deliver big and leave a positive first impression in New Jersey. This band is my baby, it’s been a reflection of who I am so had it not gone smoothly, had we not presented ourselves in the best light, I could have became a laughing stock. I had come from leaving two highly successful DIY bands from NJ and I knew people were looking for me to fall flat on my face. I’m so glad we not only were able to rise to the challenge, but raised the bar for what a raw, honest and emotional live show should be. Dingbatz was my old stomping grounds as well as my bandmates. I had a lot to prove to them, the venue, the labels in attendance, the other bands that night and to myself. That show was a culmination of work stemming from 5 years of singles, life uncertainty, and spiritual reincarnation. I was so proud of myself, my mates, and honored by the response. Seeing kids mosh, going nuts and most importantly, singing the lyrics to songs I never thought would go anywhere was an emotion I wasn’t prepared for. When news came of The Silencer’s first live show with “The Fists,” tickets went fast. At the end of the day there is no greater feeling or pride I get in life than that which comes from performing on stage. A side of me comes out that is usually well suppressed. I become a different animal completely. I don’t take drugs. So for me, there is no bigger high on earth. 


Q: What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands nowadays? 

A: Man, where do I start!? Lol. I’m old school! I was raised in the era of fliers, street teams, standing outside concerts and handing out demos, fliers, sticker. Meeting people face to face in order for potential fans to get to like me as a person first, then developing relationships that ensured people would at least invest time in checking out my music. Now with social media, it’s a blessing and a curse. I think the basic concept is still the same...Those who are hungry are going to bust their ass to get their music out there. They are going to connect with their social media networks and utilize technology to make their media content stand out. However I see too many young bands just blindly posting their stuff on their page and paying for Facebook sponsored ads. It takes a lot more than that to stand out. I still utilize that old school street team mentality and I believe it pays off. Another huge obstacle is standing out as original. We are so over saturated with every type of image and sound these days that it almost seems as if everything has been done already. The best advice I could give is just be brutally honest with your sound. Just play what you like and what sounds good to you. Do not try to sound like other bands or follow whatever trend is the new sound. I guarantee that those trends will die and only a small select few of the bands at the forefront will be the ones who have long careers in the Industry. Invest money in “industry standard” recordings. Utilize and hire leading professionals to capture your sound and who can potentially enhance it with their input. Also, don’t be afraid to meet and talk to people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen young bands at their merch tables just sitting on their phones or computers, and then complain they can’t afford to tour or continue playing shows. You gotta get to know the people who want to get to know you. Don’t act like you’re hot shit when the guy working the door is making more money than you and your parents are still helping fund your “music career.” I understand not everyone is a social butterfly but you have to put as much effort into potential audiences and fans as you do your music. Hustle, show appreciation, and be social! 

Q: You have a full band aside this project. Would you like to talk to us about this? 

A: I actually don’t have another band. This is it for me. Other members of the live band have other bands. Guitarist Steve Toth has Julius Seizure (which I was lead singer of a few years back), Darth Hater which is his Hip Hop project  as well as a punk band he’s working on. Drummer Zaki Ali is also in Sinaro, Tengger Cavalry, Etherius as well as session Drummer for countless projects and artists. 

Q: Aside all these, you a professional wrestler. How has this affected who you are?

A. I am not currently an active wrestler although I was in my early 20’s. These days I am known as “The Silencer” Chaz Williams and I am a Color Commentator for The MFPW in South Jersey and One Fall Wrestling based out of Atlanta Georgia. I have been working to get noticed by Ring Of Honor Wrestling. To date, I’ve done crew work as well as worked as an extra for Ring Of Honor. I had the pleasure of accompanying my brother and best friend “Punishment” Martinez down to the ring at ROH’s biggest show of the year “Final Battle,” which took place at the sold out Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. That’s a dream him and I have shared since we were kids so I was so grateful when he thought to include me on such a high profile show in our hometown. I believe I’m just scratching the surface of my career in Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. I owe a lot to Punishment”

Martinez, Danny Cage at The Monster Factory and Q.T. Marshall at One Fall Wrestling. 

Q: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there?

A: Seeing The Silencer live is the way concerts should be. There is always a big build up to the show, packed house and we play with passion and aggression. It’s easily seen as there is nothing sterile about our performance. Expect to sweat, lose your voice, mosh, headbang and hear the material as close as it can be to the record while still pouring our hearts out physically. A lot of bands are too quantized live, utilizing backing tracks, samples, and other accompaniments that try to emulate perfection. The Silencer’s live show is about getting back to the most primitive nature of heavy metal. Plugging into your instrument, getting loud and losing yourself in the physical and emotional connections made through listening and seeing the band for yourself. Live, I don’t believe in perfection, but rather expression. I believe there is a way to still give fans their money’s worth while performing tight but still with emotion and explosive energy. If I’m not sore after my show I know it wasn’t the best I had to give. 

Q: Plans for the future? Any upcoming shows?

A: The future is to finish writing, and recording this new single with the band. Then I’d like to release another music video for the single. We have previewed the track by performing a portion of it live to open up the single “In Waiting” and there Of rehearsal videos of it on both the Instagram and Facebook pages. As of now we are nicked for the Shore Metal Madness festival at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ THIS March. Other than that we will be focusing on new music. 

Q:  Finally, I would like to thank you for your time. Anything you would like to add or to share with your fans and future musicians? 

A: First I’d like to thank everyone who has ever supported me, my bands and my musical endeavors. I’ve been living this life for a very long time and the fact that people have stuck by me through it all since the beginning when I was just a kid playing basement parties and battle of the bands really says a lot. I am so blessed. I would also like to tell anyone out there that has a dream to succeed at something they love to please never give up! It won’t happen over night and there will be a lot of failure and heartbreak through the process but I promise you’ll experience things you never thought would actually come true. It might take months but probably takes years so enjoy the journey and the ups and downs. Don’t lose sight of the destination but stay in the moment. It is all better to live a life for your dreams than to work for someone else who is out to achieve their own. Nothing is impossible and we are all blessed with talents and skills that can make us very valuable in this world. Don’t give up on your dreams or yourself. Kick life in the teeth and reach out for help whenever or wherever you might need it.

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