Young and Wild, The Strumbellas


Canadian Folk-Rock band the Strumbellas packed Terminal West from floor to ceiling in Atlanta, Georgia. The band comprises of Simon Ward on vocals and guitar, David Ritter on vocals and keys, Jon Hembrey on lead guitar, Isabel Ritchie on violin, Darryl James on bass guitar, and Jeremy Drury on drums. The sextet formed in 2008, and has since completed three albums and several worldwide tours. They are currently traveling around the US with their latest Album, “Hope”, released last April.

Ward shouted his lyrics through the hall, and so did everyone else. The crowd was packed with people who knew every breathe and every pause, singing the band's words and praises back to them. The lighthearted energy willed all in the audience to move their feet and dance with whoever was standing next to them.

The highlight of the evening came when all six members of the band took off their mics and stepped to the very front of the stage. Singing in perfect unison and perfect harmony, with only the sound of an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. Nothing but silence and a few sniffles rang through the audience as the crowd stood mesmerized.

At one point Ward paused the music to bring attention to one of his youngest fans in the audience. He asked the 8-year old (who stood waiting by the front barrier for two hours before the show started) one trivia question - who won the 1992 and 1993 world series and against what team. Boos and groans rang through the audience. The answer? The Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves. The kid won a tshirt, and the Strumbellas won bragging rights.


The saved the best for last, waiting to play their biggest hits until the night was almost through. Singing and belting rang through Terminal West, proving that Monday didn’t always have to be the worst day of the week.

The band has six more shows on this leg of their tour, making their way back up north. In the coming week they are scheduled to play DC, Boston, Philly, NYC, and Buffalo NY.


Photography and Coverage by Jenny Alice Watts.

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