The Euphoric and Melodic Goodbye at The Maccabees' Farewell Tour


It was an emotional farewell tour as the Brit Rock group, The Maccabees, performed their final shows in the United Kingdom. The group performed sensational concerts in Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Manchester. They also brought out special guests, Jamie T and Jack Peñate to join them on stage during their final show at London’s Alexandra Palace. The musicians joined fans and friends in their hometown to bid farewell to their awe-inspiring musical journey. The phenomenal concerts captivated audiences with a selection of tracks from the remarkable albums. They performed stunning tracks such as thrilling "Spit It Out," reflective "Kamakura," and energetic single "Marks to Prove it."

The Maccabees have topped the UK chart with their album release in 2015, Marks to Prove It. They have also been recognized with awards and been nominated with a Mercury Prize. The Maccabees have been together since their teens with a strong and divine musical relationship lasting fourteen years. The passionate musicians devoted their time in recording and releasing four exquisite albums, Colour It In (2007), Wall of Arms (2009), Given to the Wild (2012), and Marks to Prove It (2015). They decided to bring their musical reign to an end with several majestic farewell concerts.

The Maccabees' Felix White stated that the group will go out the way they started at their final concerts in their hometown. It is a sentimental departure for devoted fans and friends of the group who have been following their musical journey since fruition. Music lovers following the Maccabees can recall first listening to their enchanting single, "First Love." The catchy Indie Rock tune leaves the listener in a melancholic and dreamy state reminiscing about their first love. For many music lovers, The Maccabees were their first love.

However, the musicians will continue in creating and working on their personal endeavors. Felix White has various projects such as his Indie Rock club and record label, Yala!. Felix will be cultivating his events, Yala!, which are hosted throughout the year. He also collaborates on his record label which has released EPs for groups such as The Magic Gang.  

The dynamic group have inspired and aided in the expansion of the UK Brit Rock music scene. Their intense handwork has produced an everlasting and stunning discography. Their alluring tracks are relatable and relevant as the date of their release. Music lovers can be whisked away with these enthralling tracks. Their idealistic melodies discuss topics of morality, heartbreak, and perseverance. For more information on The Maccabees, visit

Photography by Lindsay Melbourne.

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