Feel Your Feelings, Fool! The Regrettes


Last week Los Angeles local band, The Regrettes, took the stage at Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This quartet of 16-year old musicians (that’s right, 16) delivered an energetic and captivating performance, with original songs carrying lyrics far beyond their age.

With only a few singles to show, the Regrettes got signed to Warner in 2015. They since have written their first album (released January 2017), toured across the US, and created music that has spoken to an audience both young and old.

The band came out and immediately showered the audience in balloons, kicking off their set with energy and excitement. The 16+ event (a novelty for the venue) drew in a large crowd of young listeners, waiting to hear the Regrettes unapologetic brand of punk-rock.

Within the first 20 minutes of the concert, lead singer Lydia Night had leapt off the stage and into the crowd, greeting fans singing her words back into her vocal mic, and embodying a confidence and stage presence usually saved for bands of an older generation.

The band’s latest album release, “Feel Your Feelings, Fool!” features songs that focus on empowering a younger generation, with lyrics focusing on subjects such as body image, the right to say no, and standing up for yourself. With this much success already under their belt, only time will tell what’s next for the Regrettes.

Coverage and Photography by Jenny Alice Watts.

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