These bands aren’t missing the frequency: Camp Cope + Petal’s 2nd consecutive sold-out night at Philly’s PhilaMOCA.



Whoever said that Melbourne, Australia’s Camp Cope couldn’t fill up a room is wrong. So wrong that they added extra days before and the start of and after the end of their US co-headlining tour with Petal due to numerous sold out shows. The show had a “to the front” feel as all the bands aren’t fronted by men. Brooklyn’s Oceanator is fronted by Elise Okusami, Camp Cope is all female, and Petal is led by Kiley Lotz. Who was it that said “there just aren’t that many girls in the music scene”? This line-up is proof that non-male led bands are in the music industry and there are plenty of them creating all different types of music.



First up was Oceanator. Oceanotor is the solo project of Elise Okusami, who played drums on Vagabon’s Infinite Worlds. Her blend of shoegaze and grunge made for a mesmerizing set as most of the songs played would go from a subtle calm to heavy punk tone both vocally and instrumentally. Also, you can’t go wrong with a Dave Bazan cover during your set.



Next was Camp Cope, who lit the room up with their infectious brand of riot grrrl indie punk. The band aren’t the type to shy away from difficult topics as they were pressed to inform the crowd of the importance of women’s safety in society. Couple that with their #ittakesone campaign and their newest album How To Socialise & Make Friends and what you’ve got is a trio of women who are not going to go quietly about their lives but make damn sure that everyone can hear them. At the very end of their song “The Opener” Georgia Maq screamed “Just get a female opener that’ll fill the quota...WE’VE GOT A WHOLE TOUR OF EM!!!”

Now that’s not to say that there weren’t quieter or humorous moments in their set, like playing songs “The Face of God” and “UFO Lighter” or mid way through how vocalist/guitarist Georgia Maq got the crowd to help bassist Kelly Hellmrich break 10K followers on Instagram (they did, in what seemed to be all of two seconds). As the crowd screamed along on fan favorites “Done” and “The Opener”, there was a sense that they could have brought the whole packed venue down.

Their setlist:

Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

How To Socialise & Make Friends

The Face of God

Keep Growing

High Fidelity


U.F.O. Lighter


Coverage by Daniella Heminghaus

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