They're Giving Up


In the world of ironic band names, Giving Up takes the cake. When asked where the name originated, lead vocalist and guitar Mikie Poland simply responded “we just wanted to get on stage and say “we’re Giving Up”


The band is composed of Mikie Poland (guitar & vocals), Jenny Rose (keyboard & vocals), Dusty Van Ness (drums), and Dakota Loesch (bass). The energy the quartet brought to the stage kept everyone on their feet and feeling alive. Taking turns jumping off the stage and bringing the performance right in front of the audiences faces, they made sure everyone was on their toes. Their sounds and harmonies bridge the gap between spoken word poetry and music, lamenting on social injustices as well as bringing their own experiences to the table.


Giving Up has just released their third full-length album, “Garner Cardinals”. This following “Gthrowing Up” in 2009 and “[peace sign / frown face]” 2012. Since starting the band has found their sound - a hypnotic mix of low-fi power pop, surf, and raw vocals that shake you into the lyrics.


Formed just after high school in the unfinished basements of rural Iowa, the band has spent the past 10 years touring on and off. Not always on the road but always wishing they were. One of their main challenges as a band is their location - since leaving Iowa each member has rooted in a different corner of the United States. From Minnesota, to Kentucky, to Los Angeles - it’s amazing they can find the time to practice at all (even if it’s the two days before tour).


Last Saturday Giving Up brought their tour to 529 in East Atlanta Village. It was a night of awesome local bands sharing the stage with the touring artists. The four bands that played (respectively) were Curt Castle, Giving Up, Low Valley Hearts, and DEEP STATE. Each one adding to the others energy, welcoming the audience into the intimate venue and making the space come alive.

Garner Cardinals can be streamed here: and purchased here:


Coverage by Jenny Alice Watts

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