Viva Le Vox - An Unexpected Gem!


Sometimes one heads out to a local club just to hear live music rather than stay home and partake in mundane household tasks. Like most decisions in life, it can be a crap shoot. There are times when you wished you had stayed home, times when you are glad you went out, and times when you were blown away by the band you had just seen. If Viva Le Vox was on the stage, you hit the jackpot!

Viva Le Vox is a three piece band that originated in Lake Worth, Florida but currently hail from Greensboro, North Carolina. Their lineup consists of a drummer (Johnny Tugboat), a stand up bass player (Scarecrow Jenkins), and a guitar / electric kazoo player (Tony Bones). They are not a band that can neatly be placed into any given musical genre. They are a mix of Tom Waits, off beat Southern swing ala Squirrel Nut Zippers, with a dash of Nick Cave thrown in for good measure.

Their first show on a small Northeast US tour was very well received by the crowd at Café 9 in New Haven. When they hit the stage, they were viewed more as a curiosity than a group of viable musicians with their somewhat off beat instruments and less than conventional looks. They quickly dispelled any questions regarding both their musical talent and their ability to entertain! They played with the energy of a local band with a house full of friends and regulars. Songs from their full length releases Luv Hungry and Dirt For Sale had the audience members cheering for more at the end of their set. One very unique aspect of this band which added to their entertainment value was that the band brings their own lighting. One had to question them asking the venue to turn off the stage lights at the start of their set but immediately it was known why. The visual effect was stunning. For photographers, their lighting is a change of pace from the usual small club house lighting. It was just one more addition to their entertainment value.

If they roll through your town or even if you have to travel to see them, do yourself a favor and catch Viva Le Vox. They are well worth the effort!

Coverage by Rich Russo RP Russo Photography

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