Volumes TakeOver Feels Good


Volumes is an American progressive metal core band based in Los Angeles, California. Volumes music consist of upbeat and bouncy guitar riffs, groovy breakdowns and dual lead vocalists. Volumes hit Miami twice within the last year and came back even harder then before, while performing at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale.

Volumes join Attila on tour this time around. Attending a concert of Volumes will never disappoint you, from the vibrants headlights that aluminates the venue to the fog machines that shoots out on the breakdown of a song. The crowd goes ballistics while singing along with the lead frontman, Myke Terry and Gus Farias, who is a heavy head-banging frontman of the band.

As the their set proceed, the crowd have gotten wilder and wilder, and never ending mosh pits. The high level energy that surrounded the concert hall was everlasting and unforgettable, whether you know the lyrics or not, Volume presence will have you on your feet moving and head head banging to their songs. From their catchy lyrics to their energetic music, its hard not to love their music. 

As Volumes set ends, the bliss feeling flowing through your body does not immediately go away, it lingers as you crave more of their presence. Before you know it, you’ll be chanting the words “ one more song” along with the rest of the crowd having the same bliss-like feeling flowing through their body. The now dark venue, lights up as the band members make their way back onto the stage. The guitar riff of ‘Feels Good’ starts to fill the ears of the concert goers along with cheers of excitement of hearing one more song before exiting the building.

‘Feels Good’ is a song that makes your hair stand up when hearing it alone and blasting it through the speaker of your headphones, now imagine it with over 100 people singing the melody of the song and having your favorite band lead the song right before your eyes. Pure Bliss. 

Coverage by Tia Powell

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