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Death to the Sun

  • Gramps 176 Northwest 24th Street Miami, FL, 33127 United States (map)

Death to the Sun presents:

B BOYS (Captured Tracks / Brooklyn, NY) 
The freshest (as in dopest) act recently signed to Brooklyn's almighty Captured Tracks label, B Boys conjure the power and movement of classic post punk (Wire, Mission of Burma, Devo, etc.) via modern colors. Expect sprays of perfectly textured guitar sentences, geometrically framed bass lines, and controlled, violent drumming. The lyrics are evidence of introspection and a general ability to question; done with simplicity, and most importantly, passion.

SODA (Dull Tools / Gainesville)
Not your mom and dad's punk band, ya lil' millenial you. Driving and bending fuzzed up riffs, slowing, swirling into clean post punk verses, only to be flipped again to show their collective hairy belly in a flash. No moment is safe with Soda, they lead you by the hand hurridly through their hallways, yelling/singing you their stories, sketching their words in spit. 

OTHER BODY (Ramp Local! / Miami)
Last time I watched Other Body I ended up stealing a motorcycle and setting a church on fire (while on bath salts). Brutal, pulsing, pounding, howling into your heart like the coldest full moon, Other Body take no prisoners. Born in leather masks and chain link diapers, upon Miami's mirage hot sidewalks walks this beast born of fire and brimstone. Enter this music at your own risk.

Miami is home to many ghosts, and no other act can sing their song as beautifully as Dracula. Every show is a musical funeral, aching to the wind through layers of vocal harmony and nylon guitars caressing forth the gentle meoldies of love. Truly beautiful to witness as an act, be sure to arrive early.

Between sets, we welcome Dion Kerr to the mix! A jazz and classical class act, Kerr has been bringing his elements to dimly lit spaces since his early youth. A grounding flow to balance out the night, Kerr's musical brilliance will bring some light into our dark little cave.