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I like it soft event

"I like it soft" a night catering to the chiller sides of Miami's music scene. All artists will be performing stripped down intimate performances of their original music or covers specifically for the night. 
Join us for a one time only show and a chance to hear something special and definitely unique. 

πŸ”Έ $5.00 door entry... 

πŸ”· Featured acts πŸ”·

1:00 - Taylor Vega Jazz Trio
12:30 - Rodrigo Gonsalves
12:00 - Sean Wouters
11:30 - Austin Paul
11:00 - Lhams
10:30 - Raffa Jo Harris
10:00 - Danielle Steele
9:30 - OGC
9:00 - Sofilla
8:30 - CΓ©sar Paniagua

Taylor Vega Jazz Trio

πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“Artist Info and music! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Rodrigo Gonsalves - The Lead singer guitarist of Grammy nominated band Vinilo Versus. Rodrigo will be performing original material from his solo project. Check out his new music video here.
πŸ‘ πŸ”₯ 

Sean Wouters - Half of Miami rock group Deaf poets performing new solo material and stripped down Deaf Poets originals. 
Watch their newest music video "Celestine" here.

Austin Paul - An artist known for his soulful r&b melodies but with a darker more melodic twist. With roots in rock n roll and pretty much everything this solo artists live performance is intimate, sensual and above all entrancing. 
Check out his is more recent work here.

Lhams - The scene has a beautiful new baby and it's called Lhams. Composed of Patricia and Alejo drummer of rock group Tremends. These two agreed to play a very special chill performance for the night. The couple will be releasing their debut album one week prior to this show. What's it sound like? I'd say electronic and alternative but with dreamy beautiful harmonies. 

Raffa Jo Harris - So angels do exist and here's your chance to hear one sing. Besides the fact you want to be her best friend Raffa has an energy you can't describe. Watch a live performance here. 

Danielle Steele - From ukulele to alternative tunings on her acoustic to now going fully electric guitar. Danielle has a way of words and paints stories with her lyrics. Talk to her about writing music in the woods and reading poetry. Listen to one of her songs here. 

OGC - Clarence Chammorro the singer frontman of rock group Filthy Casuals. Reminiscent of all that is good about the 60s and The Doors. Clarence will be stripping down the band for our event bringing only his guitar. Hear his music here. 

Sofilla - An artist with strong Jazz influences mainly heard in the tone of her voice. Those airy light melodies that float on top of the music. Sofilla Fuentez writes music that makes you want to swing in a hammock by the beach. Listen to her music here. 

CΓ©sar Paniagua - Costa Rican rock band with swampy 70's infleneces. Cesar requested a spot and I couldn't be more happy to make it happen. Check out the link for a spanish surfy lullaby and make sure to come early!!! Cesar will be up at 8:30 sharp not Miami time.
: )

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