Your Guide To New York City’s Vintage Fashion Scene


New York City holds some of the most eccentric and lavish vintage retail stores hidden throughout the nooks of their streets. Whether it’s elite and high fashion, theatrical and quirky, bold and badass, delicately timeless, or just affordable fashion, NYC is your must-have fashion emporium.

Beacons Closet.jpg

Trash & Vaudeville raise hell by the self-empowered individuals that wear their colorfully kick-ass clothing and boldly in your face accessories, that will for sure make a statement. Some might say it is a land for the outcast and the misunderstood, but Trash and Vaudeville seem to give individuals a place to come and freely express themselves and be authentically themselves. Not only does the store have unforgettably personality with its iconic neon signs, hot pink walls that are covered head to toe with newspaper clippings, stickers, posters, advertisements, and photographs, textured and animal printed dressing rooms, but it is merely shoe heaven. As you descend the stairway into the basement of the store it is like you were transported into another realm, there is no doubt your eyes would not be mesmerized by what you saw, a shoe fortress. Creepers, heels, platforms, sneakers, flats, loafers, boots, mules; you are sure to find your perfect alternative "Cinderella slipper."  


New York Vintage holds the heart of the most adored and beloved high-fashion garments and accessories ever cherished. You will sure be taken back by all the aged decor and fashion being showcased ever so tightly in all its beauty. From red-carpet ready ballgowns, beautifully aged wedding dresses, delicately irreplaceable jewels, and nineteen-twenty hats for rental; you are bound to want to play dress up.  

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Spark Pretty brings the spunk and fire with decor and merchandise that will spill with nostalgia for some, as the place is cover with relics from the 90's era.

Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange are the must-stop shops to find affordability rad and statement fashion pieces. This second-hand shop sells both modern and vintage clothing, accessories, and shoes. You are sure to find a range of items that will suit every aspect of your personality, to ensure confidence by affordable fashion empowerment.


NYC sure does not disappoint with these extraordinarily unique vintages and consignment shops, so if you are ever in the city make sure to keep your eyes peeled. And do not worry some of these shops do have websites for online shopping too! Visit Trash & Vaudeville at and Spark Pretty at!

Coverage by Alexis Karr

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