The Signature Homemade, Fresh, and Creamy Honeybee Donuts in South Miami, Florida


In a quaint South Miami, Florida doughnut shop, resides fresh and creamy doughnuts made by Honeybee Doughnuts. Bicyclists, college students, and locals in the area constantly travel through the adorable yellow adorned shop to purchase their favorite doughnuts. The gourmet doughnut shop offers a diverse selection of homemade doughnuts with colorful and creative ingredients. Guests are in awe when they see extraordinary creations such as the "Gummies," "Frutti Pebbles," and a mini "Flan" on top of a gigantic roasted doughnut.

Our current favorite Honeybee doughnuts were the Nutella, the Signature Honeybee, and Raised Brioche "minis." The "Signature Honeybee" is a raised doughnut filled with fresh whip cream and local honey from South Florida. When tasting these delish and savory doughnuts, the initial taste is divine freshness. The unique and delicious taste of these doughnuts engross you with each bite. Your fingers become lick-able after being drenched with the gooey local honey dosed on the Signature Honeybee.

The Nutella doughnut is playfully decorated with white and rainbow sprinkles. When the doughnut is torn apart, a dark and creamy outpour of Nutella pours out like warm lava. You can scoop up the rich Nutella with pieces of the puffy doughnut. The Nutella doughnut, is as all of the Honeybee Doughnut ingredients, as fresh as if it came from production. 

The mini doughnuts were flavored with pistachio, raspberries, and blackberries, The delectable bite-sized doughnut is raised brioche filled with blueberry compete topped with buttermilk glaze and pistachio crumble. These guilty-free doughnuts are the best choice if you would like to try an array of flavors and choices. Honeybee Doughnuts is located at 7388 Red Road, South Miami, FL 33143. For more information about Honeybee Doughnuts, visit

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