Sound Bite (sound′bīt′) Noun
A short and striking statement from an audiotape or videotape for a broadcast.

Based in South Florida, SoundBite Magazine LLC features local and national artists and events. We strive to bring you entertaining stories of artists, bands, events, and places. Our content captures vivid imagery through photography, literature, film, and podcasts. SoundBite Magazine's multi-media publication and event production company creates and organizes engaging events with local and national talent.

The Team

Veronica Potes
Photojournalist, Event Planner, Social Media, Podcast & Video Host

Multimedia Editors:
Video: JKierski Films


Boston: Jen Vesp Photography
Canada: Ceilidh Mcquillan Photography & Jackson Fleming Photography

Connecticut: Rich Russo Photography
Denver: Marisa Kathryn Finan-Goode Photography
Florida: Ron Navarrrette Photography, Victor Morais Photography, Martha Perez-Mendez Photography, Kelsey Walker Photography

Georgia: Jenny Watts Photography
New Jersey: Pat Gilrane Photography
New York: Ashley Hoffman
Pennsylvania: Colleen Martin
Texas: Marshall Heins Photography & Kirby Gladstein Photography
United Kingdom: Lindsay Melbourne Photography



If you are interested in contributing film, photography, video, or writing, contact SoundBite and join the team!