Plastic Pinks


Plastic Pinks are a driving South Florida Garage Rock group providing animated and irresistible live performances. Their frisky on-stage antics, intense live shows, and spirited music makes them one of Miami's treasured artists. They have performed with the eclectic Indie and Garage Rock groups such as Ty SegallThe Black LipsThe Oh Sees, and AJ Davila of Davila of 666. They have also performed on KEXP and Daytrotter Sessions. They have toured the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

The musicians have a beguiling nature with their exuberant expertise and striking fashion sense. Their astounding music is high-powered and sporadic. Plastic Pinks' authentic sound and lively energy creates their exceptional and unapologetic Rock image. Their grungy music is not Punk music but has an essence of Punk. Their music celebrates freedom of expression which makes it true Punk. Not Mohawks and anarchy, but what Punk really means and that is to express yourself without a filter.

The group classifies themselves as "Rad City Sticky Pop." They are well known in the South Florida Music Scene as a party band. The artists exhibit positive and invigorating energy during their live shows. Each band member evokes their individuality, leadership, and skill during their performances. Plastic Pinks have exceptional camaraderie which is displayed on their on-stage performance and musical connections.

The feisty band members are June Summer (singer), Augie Pink (guitarist), Dane Giordano (bassist), Rod Woolf (guitarist), and Trevor Mustoe (drummer). The lead singer, June Summer, is energetic and in-your-face. His comical facial expressions and gyrating mannerisms add to the enthusiasm of the show. Their entertaining live performances are wild and unfiltered. The group is signed with the Indie labels: Burger Records, Wiener Records (sub division of Burger Records), Cheap Miami, Die Slaughterhaus, and Cincope Records. You can listen to the the Plastic Pinks' music on their Bandcamp.

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