How Art Basel Took Over Miami, Florida With Its Undeniable Passion For Art, Individuality, & Culture


Art Basel saturated and soared through the beautiful streets of Miami, Florida with its passionate roars filled with artistic expression, individualism, and culture this past month.

This magnificent traveling circus of art is a worldwide modern and contemporary art fair held in Miami, Florida and Hong Kong, Japan. Any and every artistic medium is showcased from, painting, sculpting, drawing, film, live performance, street art, fashion design, dance, graphic design, programming, illustration, discussion panels, ceramics, photography, spoken word, culinary, and music just to name to a view. From private studio stores, endless gallery showings, film screenings, interactive installations and exhibitions, electric after parties, rare art collectors viewing and auctions, live music, fashion shows, culinary and wine tasting, and hands-on tours of the Miami art scene, visitors only problem is figuring out what to do first.

Art Basel gives individuals a chance to discover and learn more about other cultures while experiencing the event and art by attracting such a spectrum of individuals ranging in background, location, and culture. Not two persons are the same while casually interacting, seeing who a person is through their art, listening in on discussion panels, viewing a film, or briefly gazing at someone as you wiggle through the galleries.

Art Basel Miami highlighted an array of controversial topics throughout the fair, one being politics; many art pieces related to the controversial topic, Peter Saul and Manual Ocampo, expressed their opinion through artistic expression masking the seriousness of the issue with cartoonish style and playful colors and facial expressions.  Another work by, Photographer Jason Lazarus, made a series of photograms that have the number of the White House on them to depict the controversial status of the White House and the parallel to protest signs by alternative processing through photography. There were a lot of other themes throughout the exhibitions dealing with racism, gender roles, sexual orientation, disabilities, mental illness, social status, and privilege. Art Basel seemed to become a safe space for artists to express their opinions, perspectives, and personal stories in an upfront and honest way.

Veering away from the traditional known art mediums Art Basel Miami also had its space for the passionate music and fashion lovers of the world. One of the many international performers, Bjork, memorized audiences with their influential Icelandic pop beats at III Points. Giving viewers an opportunity and potential to discover unfamiliar and extraordinarily unique talent that they would not have the chance to otherwise. There were also an array of vibrant fashion shows being shown at the art fair, combining both fashion and sculpture into one unique fashion celebration

Overall Art Basel Miami was an explosion of passion for the arts filled with an array of passionate individuals all coming together to celebrate the shared love for artistic expression and admiration to the arts.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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