The Glamorous Florida Tour of Christina Schneider's Genius Grant and of Montreal


During December, of Montreal performed in various cities during their Florida tour such as Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando, and West Palm Beach. The band also performed the anticipated music festival Day for Night in Houston, Texas which was headlined by Nine Inch Nails and Thom Yorke. For the tenth anniversary of "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" a deluxe vinyl was released to commemorate the album. 



Christina Schneider's Genius Grant toured with of Montreal on their Florida tour opening each night along with local supporters in each city. They performed at the modish venue, Respectable's Street presented by PureHoney Magazine, in West Palm Beach, Florida. The venue was packed to the brim with eager and ecstatic fans. The New York based artist, Christina Schneider, caught the audience's attention with her delightful and delicate melodies. The artist's intimate reflections are combined with arousing instrumentals of stringy guitars and deeps sighs in tracks such as "Violence Etcetera." The docile vocals, forceful sets, and whimsical music provide for a charming live performance. The band members are bassist, Simon Hanes, guitarist, Sam Lisabeth, and drummer, Nick Baker. Check out more music by Christina Schneider at



Emotions heightened during the intermission as the crew prepared the stage for of Montreal. As the lights went dim, the band members stepped onto the stage to take their positions behind their equipment. The enthralled audience roared and screamed awaiting for the appearance of Kevin Barnes. He playfully stepped until the stage in a stunning Emerald Japanese kimono, fitted button down vest, and Cerulean knee-high lace stockings. He was also wearing a gigantic blonde Dolly Parton-esque wig.

The band's ambiguous on-stage personas or characters provide added visuals to the mystifying stories the artist conveys through his songwriting. As an animated performer, Kevin Barnes is charismatic, carefree, and energetic. His flirtatious Georgie Fruit persona along with the various actors provide an outlet for the band to personify his songs while captivating his quizzical audience. 

Concert-goers are audibly, visually, and physically stimulated during of Montreal's vivid performances. With their artistic light projections, magical storylines depicted by actors, and engrossing cheerful melodies, they leave their fans with an euphoric adrenaline rush of the senses. Their perplexing concerts are the ideal musical performance due to the renowned entertainment combined of artwork, theater, and live music. Kevin's brother, David Barnes, creates of Montreal's storylines, choreography, merchandise, and background visuals. He also sells his line of limited edition sculptures, The Bee with Wheels.

The multicolored scenes and acting in between songs leave audiences in awe. Mysterious performers step unto the stage and role-play various scenes with Kevin. Actors dressed as white fluffy feathered bird resembled realistic Jurassic creatures as they swayed in sync to the synthesized melodies. A duo wearing vibrant Darth Vader masks performed as mimes and engaged personally with the audience members during another performance. Kevin role-played with a femme fatale wearing an indigo wig as he fondled and adored her on-stage. A Nacho-Libre inspired actor in a skin tight jumpsuit stage dived unto the crowd and they lifted him throughout the venue. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of their acclaimed concept album, "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" The exquisite synth-pop infused tracks carry dark and glam undertones. The experimental album provides a glimpse of Kevin's personal life with relationships, mental health, and reminiscences of the past. During the concert, he performed songs from the album such as, "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal," "Cato as Pun," and "She's a Rejector." Along with this classic album, of Montreal performed songs from their extensive discography from albums, "The Sunlandic Twins," "Lousy with Sylvianbriar," and "Innocence Reaches."

When fans meet Kevin after the show, he seems to be a completely different individual. He is bashful, timid, and reserved which is unlike his on-stage persona which is in-your face, comical, and extreme. He has mentioned in interviews that as a performer it can be difficult to be one's self on-stage. Through his music, he provides a comfort blanket for many devoted and longtime fans. At shows, fans feel they can be themselves as they dress up in glitzy costumes or bedazzled make-up which they wouldn't normally wear in their everyday life. Also, through his music, listeners find someone to relate to in topics of sexuality, politics, relationships, sexism, and life struggles. Their nostalgic lyrics empowered by synthesizers and electronica provide a voice for music lovers. 

of Montreal will be releasing a new album in 2018. Kevin Barnes also produces and collaborates with artists on their albums such as Pillar Points. For information on of Montreal and upcoming tour dates, visit

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