The Drums' The Abysmal Thoughts Album Review


The Drums seem to have perfectly crafted the balance between the pure and sinister forces of sound that emerge to surface full force with their record, Abysmal Thoughts.

The groovy instrumentals seem to work as a masquerade of some sort hiding the dark underlying subject matters of regret and resentment, betrayal, loneliness, denial, and uncertainty through the songs like, "Are U Fucked" and "Under The Ice".

In contrast, songs like "Your Tenderness" and "I'll Fight For Your Life" do a magnificent job of radiating raw and unfiltered emotions of joy, love, and happiness, with lyrics filled with hope and reassurance.

The Drums seem to have their primary message of every song through the chorus while undoubtedly having bold hooks and engaging storytelling of realistic and personal experiences that can transcend and relate to audiences everywhere.

This record hits all the bases of human emotion and experiences; it allows audiences to get into a headspace where they can either create the fictional scenario in their minds of their interpretation or relate it back to a personal experience of there own. The possibilities are truly endless with this emotion-packed masterpiece.  


Photography by Veronica and Coverage by Alexis Karr 

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