Washed Out Brought Chillwave Back into Houston

Washed Out SoundBite-1.jpg

After an extended absence, Washed Out finally rode the “chillwave” back into Houston on August 11th, 2017 and mesmerized a sold out crowd with trippy visuals and distant sounds of albums past and present at White Oak Music Hall. Seamlessly weaving from one track to the next, it was almost too easy for fans to get lost in the music and groove for an hour-plus. Though often described as drowsy, chill, and mellow, his music brought a unique energy to the crowd and kept the audience on their toes the entire performance. Of particular note was the incredibly talented and groovy couple that seemed to have teleported straight from the 70’s (the tie-dye, tight pants, and afro were hard to miss) just to vibe with Washed Out for an hour. The seriously did not stop dancing, singing, bumpin’ and grindin’ from the moment Washed Out took the stage until the last song of the encore.

It was quite impressive. But, they were certainly not the only ones on the move. Fans and casual attendees alike were drawn into the amoeba of groovin’ and worked up just as much of a sweat as the disco dancers.

Promoting his most recent release, Mister Mellow, Washed Out gave fans exactly what they have been desiring since the release of Paracosm over three years ago. Mister Mellow marks Ernest Greene’s third full-length album and shows not only his mastery of the chillwave genre but the diverse influences that underlie his production. This album mixes hip-hop, jazz, antique synths and piercing hi-hats, to truly take listeners on a journey of the soul and mind. The trip begins with a 30-second track appropriately named “Title Card,” and continuously builds energy until the climax of “Zonked” and “Get Lost.” The album then downshifts immediately back to the mellow vibes for its final two tracks “Easy Does It” and “Million Miles Away” and leaves those fortunate enough to brave the entire album with a memorable listening experience.

Photography and Coverage by Marshall Heins II

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