Let Your Eyes Be Enchanted & Your Mind Be Transformed By Vast Range Of Abstract Works Of Eli Marc Mueller


Eli Marc Mueller is a seamlessly exquisite visual and conceptual artist when it comes to creating his various abstract and surrealist forms through painting, illustration, installation, and mixed media. His range is vast; working with a wide range of media, photography, illustration, graphic design, video, and painting. The same themes and subjects matter appear consistently throughout this work, whether or not he is collaging images, using ink on paper, acrylic on canvas, video, or installation just to name a few.

Through Mueller’s artworks, a playful contradiction of disturbance to the viewer is brought to the surface and forces them on reflection, not only on society but themselves. One of Mueller’s works,  “Remembrances,” 2017 reflects on the female beauty ideals through simplistic line and forms made with acrylic on paper.


He wants to people to understand his perspective, opinion, and view and in the hope that it will broaden their horizon on the issues that he is reflecting in his work. Mueller recreated a short film called, “Untitled,” which focuses on the struggle of mental health in hopes to raise awareness for mental health and add to the discussion. He peels back the layers of slightly taboo and untraditional topics in art and in society to bring awareness and conversation, even if it means being more transparent and vulnerable with audiences. 

An Inspiration to him is (neo) expressionism, abstract, and modern art.

Mueller stated, “Growing up in a group of four women, taught him lots about gender equality and the importance of the matter.” which is why it is a theme that is so vocal in his work.

He goes on to state,

“In a society where oppression is still accepted, I had always felt connected to minorities. With some of my art, I try to raise awareness to issues like mental health. My work tends to be subversive towards the everyday environment and is inspired by his perception of society.”

Mueller is undoubtedly creating waves with his bold and impactful narratives being told throughout his work. If you have not heard of the extraordinary artist, his contact information is down below. Let your eyes be enchanted and mind be transformed with the vast works of Eli Marc Mueller transform the mind.


Coverage by Alexis Karr

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