The Return Wolf Parade Featuring Supporting Act Charly Bliss at The Los Angeles Fonda Theater


Making a strong comeback, Wolf Parade and opening act Charly Bliss were welcomed by a warm crowd in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theater on January 19th and 20th. After taking a lengthy hiatus in 2011, Wolf Parade has returned to fans with tons of tour dates to choose from and their new highly anticipated album, ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’. The Fonda Theater was packed of restless fans that haven’t heard from Wolf Parade in years, and as a result generated an excitable and slightly impatient atmosphere before their set. Impatient or not, the audience still didn’t hesitate to enjoy the power-pop anthems of Charly Bliss. Although their bubbly sound differs from Wolf Parade’s darker moods, Charly Bliss had everyone pumped-up and moving to their jaunty jams.

Lighting up the faces in the crowd before Wolf Parade was Charly Bliss, a band of optimistic and upbeat musicians from Brooklyn. Dan Shure, Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox, and the energetic Eva Hendricks makeup this spunky pop-punk group. Zesty female guitarist and lead vocalist Eva, was colorfully expressive in her performance and has a warmth to her that is lighthearted and charismatic. Eva’s power-pop spirit encompasses the familiar essence of 90’s female artists such as Letters to Cleo and Save Ferris. Charly Bliss held a cozy and solid performance. Remaining In perfect sync with one another, the dynamic of Charly Bliss was youthful and possessed an almost sibling-like inseparability throughout their performance. They seem to be something straight out of a Warped Tour 1999 lineup, but instead it’s 2018 and we find that pop-punk is NOT dead so long as Charly Bliss keeps it alive! You can catch these wild kids at Shaky Knees, Santa Teresa, Boston Calling and Sasquatch Music Festival all taking place in the month of May!

Dan Boeckner was delighted to show his gratitude for supporting act, Charly Bliss. Thinking out loud, he sighed as he reflected how young and hopeful they are for the future, in contrast implying that he’s a little more pessimistic and cynical. During these seven years the men of Wolf Parade have been gaining some life experience by spending time with family and focusing on other outside projects. Spencer Krug had been busy song writing and releasing albums under the moniker, Moonface. Meanwhile, Boeckner collaborated with Spoon’s Britt Daniel to create Divine Fits and resumed working on his other project, Handsome Furs.

These Canadian musicians have been creating the most unique and abstract musical work since 2003. Those who had fallen in love with the complex keys accompanied by insane guitar melodies of their early albums will find that the long overdue album,‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ doesn’t lack in these departments. Despite such a long absence, their original and intricate style remains potent. ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ is yet another stellar Wolf Parade masterpiece that can be compared to the structure of ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary.'

As neon rays beamed across the theater, Wolf Parade produced a magical set packed of new and old work. After this performance, their absence seemed to be ALMOST worth the wait. Their on-stage presence was sharp and fully recharged, as if their energy had been hibernating all these years and returned more robust than ever. Wolf Parade did not disappoint their Los Angeles fans whatsoever. As they moved through their setlist, they not only performed new favorites from 2017’s album ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’, but further satisfied fans with throwbacks from their progressive masterpieces ‘ Apologies to Queen Mary’ and ‘At Mount Zoomer’. The Los Angeles crowd would instantly stir up within hearing just the beginning notes of recognizable classic tracks, “Modern World” and the artistically brilliant, “I’ll Believe In Anything”. Wolf Parade put on a killer set and seemed thrilled to be back performing for their more than patient fans. Wolf Parade will be touring Canada, United States, and Europe these next couple of months and you can also catch them the Santa Teresa and Sasquatch music festivals! Check out Wolf Parade music & tour dates!

Coverage by Sade De La Espriella

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