Fusion at its Finest: Lando Chill to Blend Rap, Poetry, and Emotion at The Satellite, Los Angeles


Singer, songwriter, producer, spoken word poet. No matter the title, Lance Washington always provides more than a single title can define. Working under stage moniker, Lando Chill, Washington’s hip-hop and rap-blend music also appears to address a different side of the multi-talented artist. Let's call it his literary side. His emotional side. A side of him that words alone would never capture.

Rather than a bland pitch as to why his music is the best new “fresh and cool” product to hit the LA scene (although we have to admit, it is indeed both of those things), it’s far more valuable to address elements like his purposeful injection of funk, jazz, gospel, and yes, a whole lot of soul, into each song. With these things in mind, Lando Chill has succeeded in capturing emotion through song in a way that only a true poet can.

Calling upon inspirational works such as Paulo Cuelo’s award-winning novel, The Alchemist, and drawing on personal periods of self-examination dealing with his father’s passing at a young age, Lando Chill’s music encompases a side to hip-hop that draws attention to deeper topics and feelings. This is a characteristic that has earned him notable recognition.

With his second album, The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind, charting at #26 in Bandcamp Daily’s 100 Best Albums of the Year, and a new record, Black Ego, set for release this October, (via Mellow Music Group), fans are more eager than ever to see Lando Chill in action on stage.

If this is you, look no further than The Satellite, Los Angeles. A venue known for embracing on-the-rise artists and bands, The Satellite stage has previously welcomed formidable acts such as The Foo Fighters, Local Natives, and Foster the People. Now however, it’s Lando Chill’s time to shine. So, make sure to mark your calendar and lock down a ticket because this is one rising-star you won’t want to miss.

Lando Chill is performing at The Satellite on Tuesday, September 25 alongside Suzie True, Foxx Bodies, and Object As Subject. Set times and venue information below.

Grab your tickets here! (21+ show)  

Set Times:

8:30 - (Venue doors open)

8:45 - Suzie True

9:30 - Foxx Bodies

10:30 - Object As Subject

11:30 - Lando Chill

Venue Location:

The Satellite

1717 Silver Lake Blvd

Los Angeles, Ca 90026


Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

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