Robert Beatty: The creator behind your favorite album covers


Tame Impala, Neon Indian, Thee Oh Sees, Ariel Pink, Real Estate, Flaming Lips

Besides their mild melting music, these bands and artists have one thing in common: Robert Beatty. 

You’ve seen the album covers and now you know who’s behind the genius psychedelic designs. Born in the ‘80s on a farm in Kentucky, Robert Beatty grew up drawing, making local show posters and experimental music. Now, aside from being in 2 bands and creating trippy video art installations and music videos, he designs your favorite album covers.  


Beatty’s career has skyrocketed since creating the infamous album artwork for Tame Impala’s latest album Currents, therefore causing a higher demand for his work. Now he gets commissions from New York Times, and he most recently designed the cover art for Ariel Pink’s Dedicated To Bobby Jameson. 

His album cover creations primarily involve airbrushing with touches of neon pop lettering, strange and otherworldly alien creatures and figures, and color palettes that mess with your mind. His covers can go from freaky and dark alien creatures and skulls, to beautiful pop landscapes. See it with your own eyes and visit his catalog to truly appreciate his work


“It goes back being a gateway to’s like little doors that you are able to open up and they lead off into a pathway that keeps forking off into different directions,” Beatty says about his design process in an interview with Pitchfork. 

The best part of knowing about Beatty’s work is getting excited when you recognize it on new albums that get released. Beatty continues to shoot out album covers, and you can also catch him playing gigs with Hair Police and his solo project Three Legged Race.


Coverage by Catherine Toruno and artwork by Robert Beatty

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