Top 5 Costumes From The Growlers Six


After all the chaos surrounding 2016’s Beach Goth, rightfully concerned Californian Beach Goth-ers hoped it wouldn’t mean the end of the annual Halloween festival hosted by The Growlers. After a name change and a relocation to the charming LA Waterfront, The Growlers Six festival was a refreshing new beginning to a familiar tradition. Of course, nothing screams Halloween tradition like crowds of costumed weirdos. Fans and artists came together in the spirit of Halloween- roaming around the festival grounds as zombies, skeletons, mermaids, scarecrows, Ricks, Mortys, and hundreds of cats. With so many great costumes, it was challenging to narrow it down. After careful consideration, here are 5 costumes you wish you were clever enough to think of yourself.



La Luz are a doo-woppy surf rock band from Los Angeles who began their righteous performance at sunset. Practically glowing in their nun costumes, there was something totally captivating about watching a band of tatted up holy mothers jamming onstage. Nuns who play this hard can and actually might save your soul. As the runner up best costumed band, the only thing that could compete with this sister act would have to be Whoopi Goldberg herself. La Luz’s praiseworthy set was nothing like anyone has or probably will ever see.



Left to right: Mano Mirande (Scooby), Ana Mirande (Velma), Allison Presser (Daphne), Mike Presser (Shaggy) from Riverside, Ca

Left to right: Mano Mirande (Scooby), Ana Mirande (Velma), Allison Presser (Daphne), Mike Presser (Shaggy) from Riverside, Ca

Even with no sign of Fred, this was the most adorable group costume at the festival. Getting your friends on board with a group costume is difficult enough, but nailing it while simultaneously keeping it simple deserves commendation.

(Plot twist: The gang dumped the jock, Shaggy and Daphne ended up getting hitched while Scooby and Velma also tied the knot! Congratulations!)



The LA garage-rock group, The Paranoyds claim the spot for best band costume. Their raw, fuzzy guitars and snarling punk vocals define their sound. They had stage presence to match and their costumes felt appropriate for their energetic performance. With their fluffy ears and dotted long johns, they were like a pack of punk rock puppies. Extra points were also awarded for commitment to DIY ethics and dedication, having “killed 101 dalmations to create these” (Disclaimer: No actual dogs were harmed in the making of these costumes).



Julie Mireles and Emanuel Acever from Moreno Valley, Ca

Julie Mireles and Emanuel Acever from Moreno Valley, Ca

We’ve all seen our share of Lydias and Beetlejuices throughout the years, but how many times have you seen Adam and Barbara Maitland in their best faces? They managed to take a break from haunting their country home to instead haunt The Growlers Six. Down to the flannel shirt and floral dress, this couple nailed it like Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin themselves. Although coming in second on the list, they definitely won the best couples costume. Thankfully they didn't bring any sand worms with them!




The line-up of The Growlers Six festival included many legendary acts, one of whom was the B-52’s. For a lot of fans, Love Shack, Rock Lobster, and the Rocko’s Modern Life theme song symbolize 80’s and 90’s childhood. Out of all The B-52’s fangirls/fanboys and everyone who came dressed up, these guys immediately stood out. Inflatable guitars, red oven mitts, and eyeballs attached to bucket hats are all they needed to win best costume. Like finding your favorite character walking around at Disneyland, bumping into these Rock Lobsters was a major festival highlight.

Coverage by Sade De La Espriella 

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