Heavy Sounds Waves at Warped Tour 2016



Singer, Davey Muise, delivered to the crowd an astonishing performance at Vans Warped Tour. His clean and crisp vocals soared over the energetic audience. The group's striking vocals and electrifying riffs fuse to create a powerful production. Their post-hardcore music combines heavy metal influences such as amplified instrumentals and screeching vocals. Their reflective lyrics and intense rhythms are forceful and hypnotizing. The band members are Joel Pastuszak, lead guitarist, Nick Lambert, guitarist, Shawn Marquis, bassist, and Eric "Rabbit" Gross, drummer. Listen to Vanna's music on www.vannamusic.com/



Pepper's music is derived from cultural influences of their hometown, Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Their music is fitting for a barbecues, Bahamanian cruises, or pool parties. Their summer melodies and harmonizing rhythms move the audience to sway and dance. Each song is reminiscent of an enchanting day at the beach. The musician’s showmanship are emitted through their carefree attitude and on-stage teamwork. The band members are Kaleo Wassman, guitarist, Bret Bollinger, bassist,  and Yesod Williams, drummer.

Their island styled music combines calming tones and moving rthythms. The group's music evokes the enjoyment of life. Pepper embodies this motto in their music and lifestyle. They define their musical genre as Kona Dub ROCK. Their latest album "Ohana" is avaliable on: http://radi.al/PepperOhana


Mother Feather

The animated group provided an enigmatic performance at Vans Warped Tour due to their confident and eye-catching entertainment. The front-woman, Ann Courtney, is larger than life with her bombastic vocals and intense performance. Mother Feather's vivacious on-stage personalities, designer costumes, and KISS-like makeup provides an eye-catching show. The group recruits the audience immediately to become their flock of "motherfeathers." The spunky lead singer, Courtney, and keyboardist, Lizzie Carenal, perform dramatic theatrics to accompany their bombastic sound.

The  band members are Ann Courtney, Elizabeth Carena, Matt Basile, Chris Foley, Gunnar Olsen. Their glamorous influences are obtained from artists such as Marc Bolan, David Bowie, and Madonna. The group describes their genre as Pop Cock-Rock. Their music incorporates electrifying riffs and dance beats. Listen to their self-titled album on www.motherfeather.com.


SUM 41

The group performed a picturesque show with their hard-core punk music. Their lively and intense music entranced the heated audience. The group performed their classic songs such as "In Too Deep," "The Hell Song," and "Fatlip." The audience stood and sang along to their favorite nostalgic songs. Deryck sang with his high pitch vocals and played intense riffs on his electric guitar. The band members are Deryck Whibley, singer and guitarist, Cone McCaslin, Bassist, Tom Thacker, guitarist, Dave Brownsound, guitarist, and Frank Zummo, drummer. Listen to their latest music on www.sum41.com

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