Grovetoberfest, South Florida's largest beer festival


Craft beer fans were refreshed with a wide selection of beers at the largest beer festival in South Florida, Grovetoberfest. The event took place on Saturday, October 15th at Key Biscayne, Florida. The tropical festival featured savory craft beers from local and national breweries.  It was hosted in the tranquil seaside location of the Miami Marine Stadium which overlooked Downtown Miami and the bay. The gorgeous and blistering warm day was picturesque for this grand tasting experience. Guests anxiously went from booth to booth tasting a diverse selection of beers from South Florida to Tennessee. 

A large semi-truck with the logo, "Support South Florida Breweries," served kegs of local breweries: Funky Buddha, Due South, and Wynwood Brewing Company. Grovetoberfest showcased local and popular breweries: Lincoln's Beard BreweryConcrete Beach BreweryJ. Wakefield Brewing, MIA Brewing, Saltwater Brewery, and many others. Also, the festival featured new additions such as Prairie, Crooked Stave, and Slim Pickins. Grovetoberfest offered a selection of prized local beers, mainstream craft beers, and elite craft beers. Also, brewers served hand-selected limited edition beers at the festival.


The event organizers worked closely with brewers to provide an exceptional array of draft selections.. Also, the festival featured a Homebrew Pavilion providing noteworthy brews prepared by spirited brewers. Zeke Man and his staff from 305 Brews participated in the beer and food pairing demonstration at the Kitchen Lab. His Wynwood restaurant, 305 Brews, creates delectable dishes using beers from local breweries. He pairs the signature beer with the food containing the same ingredient to obtain the perfect dishes.  

Guests enjoyed the entertaining Rock music by local bands at the Live Music Stage. The VIP Lounge offered savory bites by Chef M from Latin House Grill. The delicious food served was grabbed quickly by guests. VIP guests sampled tender pork tacos, savory steak on toasted french bread, glazed BBQ chicken wings and ribs, and crispy chicken sandwiches. Additionally, VIP guests enjoyed specialty brews, covered seating area and air-conditioned bathrooms.

Guests had the opportunity to sample fresh local and national craft beers ranging from IPAs to stouts, and brews made with coffee, chocolate, and fruits. After a long day in the sun, they sat beside the water in the peaceful location with breathtaking landscapes. It was a memorable grand tasting experience for many beer and food lovers. The majestic setting was comfortable and easy for guests to sample an immense draft beer selection. For more information about Grovetoberfest, visit

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