Breathtaking Views & Stunning Performances at Riptide Music Fest


Riptide Music Festival was a whimsical live experience on the beach with AWOLNATIONThe Silversun PickupsMiike SnowThe StrutsGlass AnimalsPepper, and Saint Motel. The diverse and dexterous groups provided memorable live performances on an ocean-side stage. Concert-goers enjoyed a fanciful live experience at a beautiful beach venue amidst the sand and abundant blue sky. The festival took place on December 3rd & 4th at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. 



Glass Animals brought the enormous crowd to their knees as they performed, "Life Itself." The concert goers danced and moved to their astonishing live performance. Dave Bayley, singer/guitarist, is a dynamic figure as he elevated the audience with his quirky facial gestures and charismatic dance moves. His soulful, smooth, and silky voice is reminiscent of Barry White. He is inspired by Hip-Hop when creating the group's dynamic upbeat music. The English Indie Rock group combine Pop, Psychedelic Rock, and Caribbean beats in their unique enrapturing sound. The group enticed the crowd with their performances of dance tunes: "Gooey," and "Pools." Dave danced around on stage with a pineapple as he sang "Pineapples are in my head," the lyrics of "Pork Soda." The sprightly band members are Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, guitarist/keyboardist, Edmund Irwin-Singer, bassist, keyboardist, and Joe Seaward, drummer.



Indie Rock group, Miike Snow, has made a dynamic comeback since their album, "Happy to You." Their latest album "iii" resonates with thrilling tones from their previous iconic albums. The group consists of Andrew Wyatt, singer, and producing team, Bloodshy & Avant, (Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg.). The provocative singer, Andrew Wyatt, has a distinct voice that raises the hair on the listener's neck. They performed their hit single, "Ghenghis Khan," which left the listener singing the catchy melody. Andrew alternated from singing on the microphone to playing the keys on the grand piano. The group's music hooks the listener in a fanciful illusion of stories about heartbreak, jealousy, and infatuation.



Silversun Pickups magnetized the audience with their riveting music and warm stage presence. Brian Aubert playfully interacted with the audience as he would point, wink, and smile at each audience member. He connected with the audience in a memorable manner which the audience joyfully reciprocated. He encouraged his longtime band mate, Nikki Monninger, to sing during the introduction of "Circadian Rhthym." The Los Angeles group evoke a powerful musical unity which is projected in their live performances and irresistible tracks. The band members are Brian Aubert, singer/guitarist, Nikki Monninger, singer/bassist Christopher Guanlao, drummer, and Joe Lester, keyboardist. Their ethereal music transcends the listener to an accelerated state of mind.  

Riptide Music Festival made waves in the South Florida music scene. The sublime music experience encompassed refreshing and riveting live performances. The concert setting was picture perfect as attendees enjoyed laying on the beach while entertained by diverse musical acts. The artists and guests were enchanted by the pristine sandy beaches and tropical weather.

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