Must Be The Holy Ghost


Must Be The Holy Ghost performed a mesmerizing live set. The musical project is created by the solo musician, Jared Draughon. His live performance seems as if he has an arrangement of backing musicians. However, he performs a riveting and bombastic concert by himself. He utilizes loops, electronic equipment, and an electric guitar to create lurid sounds to fill an arena. His unaccompanied powerful show is baffling and awe-inspiring.

Jared incorporates visual art into his compelling musical entertainment. He collaborates with visual artist, Evan Hawkins, to complete the effective visual and musical engagement. Jared will play riveting melodies on his electric guitar to a dreamy water colored backdrop created by Evan. His looping melodies synchronize with the colored air bubbles blown throw a tube on the light projector. Jared is surrounded by two dimension turquoise oval shapes as he progresses into Lordes’ cover of Biting Down.

His heavy electronic beats appear to make the colorful shapes pulsate on the screen as if they were being moved by his melodies. The audience was fascinated with the dynamic visual and music collaboration. The musical style of Must Be The Heavy Ghost is Psychedelic and Alternative. Jared’s voice is reminiscent of the deep and heavy vocals of early nineties soulful singers, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.

Evan Hawkins is a touring visual artist with Jared’s band, Must Be The Holy Ghost. He has been part of this musical project for three and a half years. He creates visuals for the bands which is incorporated into a liquid light show. His visual presentation is called “weapons of mass projection.” He utilizes food coloring, mineral water, and candy dye. He uses Jared’s music as the metronome. Must Be The Holy Ghost’s music is inspiring to his illustrated creation.

Also, the shows are different every time. However, it is fairly choreographed. Evan was inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. He wanted to bring back a dead art. He is inspired by classical artists such as Duchamp and Picasso. He has several of Picasso’s artworks tattooed on him. Duchamp is a famous artist from the 1800’s. Evan is fond of how Duchamp toyed with the art community.

Evan currently resides in Los Angeles, California when he is not touring across country. His current desire and main priority is his visual art and music collaboration. His advice to aspiring artists is to be in the right place at the right time. 

I interviewed the solo artist, Jared Draughon, by the backyard murals after his enigmatic performance.

What inspires your writing process?
Jared Draughon: Nothing specific. It comes from jamming. A drum beat. I'm working on programming a beat and it inspires a vibe. It starts to make other melodies form.
Who are your musical influences?
Jared Draughon: I grew up with different genres of music: Classic Rock, British Rock, Electronic, and Hip Hop. All these genres combined. I am also inspired by R&B, Soul, and beat heavy music. I am guitar and Rock music oriented.
Who are your favorite local bands from your home town?
Jared Draughon: Dark Prophet Tongueless Monk (Winston Salem, North Carolina) and Similar Dark which are a beat-driven Indie Rock band.
Why do you incorporate visual art in your live performances?
Jared Draughon: Visuals and music go together since day one. Evan and I worked together on local shows. And we kept it going. We figured out how to mesh it.
What do you recommend to up and coming artists?
Jared Draughon: Not to give up. Keep going. It’s easy to give up and it’s not easy. You can play shows to nobody many times. However, touring refines your craft.
What's your favorite song to jam to?  
Jared Draughon: Post Malone


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