Okeechobee Fest Making Dreams Come True


Okeechobee Music Festival was the memorable cultural and musical experience of the New Year. The first annual festival was held on Friday, March 4th to Sunday, March 6th. Famous artists such as Grace Potter, Hall & Oates, Robert Plant, Mumford & Sons, and Portugal the Man performed fascinating live shows. The event incorporated art, food, music, and outdoor activities for a natural festival experience. Guests had the option of camping in the rural fairgrounds of Okeechobee, Florida. The captivating event was ideal for a musical getaway.

Grace Potter is the lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the group, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. Her group is a large array of talented musicians. They command the stage with melodic sounds from drums, bass, guitar, and piano. Grace is passionate and entertaining. She has incredible vocals which encapsulate the atmosphere. Her music is smooth and sultry as her stage presence. 

The ambitious siren is a musical bombshell. The music is a blend of Rock and Roll, Soul, and Country. Grace Potter’s upbringing in Vermont is conveyed in her dominant and soulful music. The group has roots derived from the South with Southern rhythms and Rock and Roll tempos. Their enraptured performances are captivating from start to finish. Grace switches song themes and melodies that catches the audience off guard.

She performed various liberating songs such as “Paris (Oh La La)” and “Delirious.” The audience sang and danced to these catchy and entrancing melodies. The uplifting music elevated the audience into a cheerful high. Their feel good music is natural and enriching. The appealing songs stick in the listener’s head. Grace’s voice is pure and moving as her musical soul.

She also performed sorrowful tunes such as “Empty Heart” and “Stars.” Her thoughtful lyrics are interesting and entertaining. She is the lead of the group but also part of the team. She will change from playing electric guitar to acoustic guitar and the piano. She played an invigorating set with the group which incorporated several of the band members banging on the drum head. Their on-stage performance is unified and depicts their showmanship.

The gifted group can bring down the house with Rock and Roll instrumentals but quickly change to low and soft melodies. The change of soft to rough songs keeps the audience focused and anticipating the next song. This talented group conveys the importance of incorporating various genres in music. Also, they focus on layering instruments to create bombastic sounds in their live performances.

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters’ entrancing performance at the festival was phenomenal. Robert Plant’s innovative ventures of his latest project is beguiling. He is not conforming to his classic music styles. His current sound incorporates World Music, Blues, and Country. His music integrates Middle Eastern instrumentals and African rhythms.

Robert Plant is not abandoning Rock and Roll. On the contrary, he incorporates Rock and Roll rhythm and electric guitars. His sound is smoother and easier on the listeners. For listeners not accustomed to heavier sound, Robert Plant’s project will be easier to accustom to. He performed many of his classic songs such as “Ramble On,” “Fool In The Rain” and “Whole Lotta Love.” The audience went into a frenzy when the group would perform Led Zeppelin songs.

He has grown into a soulful singer with an incredible voice. His distinct sound has evolved throughout the years from Led Zeppelin to his solo day touring the Middle East. His group has diverse cultural backgrounds, one of the musicians is West African.

Also, the renowned artist is known for his collaboration with his previous group, Band of Joy, which is a homage to his former drummer, Bonzo. From Band to Joy and Robert Plant’s latest project, his sound has significantly evolved and he is detached from any particular genre. His project and live performance are memorable. He will be remembered for more than being the singer of the glorious Rock and Roll group, Led Zeppelin.

Daryl Hall is staying relevant in the modern age of streaming music with his enthralling live performances and his popular television show. He is an experienced and versatile musician. His riveting concert is funky and sexy. His pristine music has a professional and fresh sound. He has teamed with great musicians from various ethnic and musical backgrounds. The band members perform an array of musical instruments from sax to piano. Also, on his television show, Daryl’s House, his group performs with a diverse array of legendary and pioneering artists such as ZZ Top and Grace Potter.

 The talented group are impressive and unified. They have a graceful onstage chemistry. The group are influenced by Blues, R&B, and Soul. They have harmony provided by soulful back-up singers. The group opened their set with two of my favorite classic songs, “Out of Touch” and “Family Man.” The audience sang and danced to the popular songs, “You Make My Dreams Come True” and “Maneater.”

Daryl Hall and John Oates have an unbreakable musical bond which is conveyed in their music and live performances. John Oates evokes Soft Rock and Blue Grass in his solo guitar performances. His guitar sounds transform to Soul and R&B as he plays alongside Daryl on the electric piano keys. Daryl Hall and John Oates’ musical roots are conveyed through their musical education and experiences obtained from living in Philadelphia. Their soulful music captures the rhythm of native Philadelphia soul music by artists such as The O’Jays. 

Also, striking harmonization can be heard in Daryl Hall’s elevated and astounding vocals.  His personified harmonies are reminiscent of Philadelphia renowned and soulful siren, Patti Labelle. Daryl Hall’s remarkable voice reached angelic vocal heights in their touching romantic songs: “Say It Isn’t So,” “Sara Smile,” and “Do What You Want, Be WhatYou Are.” The audience danced and swayed to their rendition of “I Can Go forThat.”  His prominent voice was etched in the audience’s mind during their cherished song, “Rich Girl.”

The audience sang in high pitches alongside the group to the memorable hit from Top Gun, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Hall and Oates’ music and live performances provide an aesthetically pleasing experience to the listener’s eyes and ears. Their iconic music is enchanting and timeless. Their enthralling live performances are hypnotizing and affecting. Their charismatic and unforgettable concert experience is not one to miss.