Bewildering Live Performances


Troker and Beirut provided astonishing performances at South Florida's TransAtlantic Music Festival. The event was hosted on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th featuring a various exceptional groups such as Kazoots, EMEFE, Psychic Mirrors, and Chantil Dukar. The festival's producers, Rhythm Foundation, promote local and national artistic talents by organizing enriching events throughout Miami, Florida. The festival featured eclectic live entertainment, refreshing beer, and tasty food.

Troker is a Funk and Jazz band from Guadalajara of Jalisco, Mexico. The international group are innovative and sensational musicians. They have invigorating energy and diverse talent. The multi-instrumental musicians play an array of instruments such as trumpets, piano, and accordions. The group engaged the audience with their comical banter and genuine interaction. The band members are Christian Jiménez, DJ Zero, Frankie Mares, Gilberto Cervantes, Samo González, and Arturo“Tiburón”Santillanes. The group's showmanship and camaraderie is conveyed in their onstage musical collaboration.

Beirut performed a diverse musical set incorporating Baroque Pop, Folk, and Electronic music. The group performed an ethereal and dreamy show. Zach Condon, Beirut's founder, has developed a multifaceted sound from Balkan Folk and Gypsy music influences. Beirut played an orchestra of mystifying percussion. The group utilized diverse instruments such as the accordion, saxophone, clarinet, mandolin, and horns. Zach Condon performed charming melodies with the trumpet and ukulele. Beirut’s bewildering performance was created by the instrumental collaboration and haunting vocal melodies. Their live performances are an orchestra of sound by masterful musicians.

The TransAtlantic Music Festival provided an exemplary musical experience. The festival was held on April 8th to 9th at North Beach Bandshell. The address is 7275 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach 33141. For additional event information, visit the event website at