SoundBite's Women Crush Music Series featuring Anastasia Max


Anastasia Max bewildered audiences in an intimate and trendy South Florida venue in Downtown Miami. The group participated in SoundBite Magazine's music series "Women Crush Music," a night showcasing South Florida's leading female artists. The event promotes dominating female singers and musicians in the local music scene. Anastasia Max is a dynamic rock group from Broward, Florida. Their enrapturing music captures heavy Blues Rock and Soul influences. The group perform an array of original music and songs renditions by Nina Simone, David Bowie, and Cold War Kids. 

Audiences were blown away by the soulful and mighty voice of the lead singer, Anastasia. They also were taken aback by the deep and insightful songs by keyboardist and guitarist, Max. The crowd were completely focused during the duration of their set. They were in awe by the performances of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" and David Bowie's "Starman." The group eloquently captures their unique style in their eloquent Rock and Roll tunes and diverse tributes. 

Anastasia Max have a remarkable unity within their performance and melodies. They convey their close camaraderie through their harmonies and melodies. The dexterous musicians, drummer, Rob Kingsley (Fuzz Baby Records), and bassist, Pino, keep the lead on beat. The group performed in the dim lighting and close quarters of the hip venue, Las Rosas. The location provides a comfortable venue for guests to enjoy pool, specialty drinks, and live music in South Florida.

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Featuring Andrea Lorena Photography