The Great Escape Festival


United Kingdom's three day music festival, The Great Escape Festival, features ambitious artists from varied musical backgrounds and genres of music. This musically abundant festival is similar to SXSW (South by Southwest) hosted in Austin, Texas. Both music festivals promote national and international artists eager to promote and share their art to larger audiences. Discovered in 2009, The Great Escape, features hundreds of groups in different venues throughout Brighton and Hove, England. Also, music lovers enjoy a tasteful opportunity to enjoy gorgeous scenery, astounding new music, and phenomenal live performances.

It was the first show for many aspiring artists coming from different parts of Europe such as the comely group, Communions, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their daydreaming melodies seize the listener and whisk them away with idealistic nostalgic. Their amorous tunes capture ideas of mythical romance and youthful freedom with songs such as "Blue" and "She's a Myth." The musing singer's high pitched vocals are clear, crisp, and soothing. For more information on this spearheaded group, Communions, visit and listen to their fanciful tracks at

Audiences enjoyed an ardent in store set by UK's Pop Punk group, LIFE. Their highly hooking tunes and lusty lyrics quickly engross the listener. Their high-powered set moves the audience to dance, shake, and mosh. Their zealous tracks are wonderfully gritty, aggressive and tempestuous. The group will be touring throughout England and performing alongside the Vaccines, Franz Ferdinand, the Wombats, and many artist at Truck Festival on July 21st. Check out this hair raising group, LIFE, at and listen to their hypersonic tracks at

Sensational British rapper, Frankie Dean, known by his stage name Franko Fraize, performed during The Great Escape Music Festival. From Thetfold, Norfolk, the pioneering artist was discovered from his publishing his work on social media platforms, YouTube and MySpace. His compelling tracks have been featured on BBC radio and television shows. The gripping and thought provoking lyrics discuss reflecting tales of relationships and other modern day topics. His clear vocals blend sublimely with the stirring mixture of electronic and hip hop beats. Listen to more exquisite hip hop tracks from Franko Fraize at

From Peckham, London, YOWL's imagination is poured unto their illusory tracks. They provide vivid imagery with lines, "I dream in honeycomb." The chimerical melodies captivate the listener with hearty guitar rhythms and potent drum beats. Their narrative tunes convey fantasy in bewitching and lustful lyrics. Listen to more exquisite hip hop tracks from YOWL at

Photography by Lindsay Melbourne.

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