RedBull Sound Select With Ex Reyes, Nick Leon, and Lower Dens


RedBull Sound Select and Poplife hosted an extraordinary summer event on Thursday, July 13th in Miami, Florida. The tropical themed event featured live music performances by Ex ReyesNick León, and Lower Dens. Guests enjoyed refreshing RedBull cocktails at the downtown Miami venue, 1306. The fluorescent lights filled the venue as amiable guests indulged in tasty mixed drinks, ambient music, and fascinating live performances.  


The audience was captivated by Ex Reyes, the Psych Soul project of Mikey Freedom Hart. Mikey has collaborated with Jack Antonoff(Bleachers), Sinkane, Santigold, The Cranberries, and many other artists. Originally from Louisiana, the Southern gentleman currently lives in New York City, where he created Ex Reyes' "Do Something" EP.  Being raised in the South, the influences of his upbringing and living in Louisiana is conveyed through his soulful music and reflective music videos. He directed his festive music video, "Bad Timing" in New Orleans during the sensational annual event of Mardi Gras. The unhinged video conveys the celebration of life and the culture of New Orleans.

Jazzy melodies and psychedelic riffs instantly move the listener in Ex Reyes' tropical tracks. Ex Reyes is currently on tour, visit their Facebook page for scheduled dates. Listen to their music at Stayed tuned for an exclusive interview with Mikey Hart on SoundBite Magazine.



South Florida producer, Nick León, began the set of the evening with soothing tunes. He engaged the audience with illusive and mysterious tracks that encapsulates South Florida's nature. His dreamlike music incorporates the sounds of gushing wind, tropical trees, and chirping birds. He is heavily influenced by the ecosystem of the Everglades due to growing up in the area. Visit his social media for upcoming concert dates. Listen to his hazy melodies at



From Baltimore, Maryland, Lower Dens, graced the South Florida music scene with their otherworldly synth-infused melodies. Jana Hunter's wide-ranged vocals engrossed the audience as she eloquently sang about nostalgia and love lost. The hazy music holds the listener in a warm and reflective daydreaming state with tracks such as, "Real Thing." Their contemplative songs resonate with their listeners in their thoughtful lyrics, "I don't wanna live possessed by a memory. I want to be young, I want to dance with abandon." The innovative group can quickly change the temperament of the room with sporadic beats that urge the audience to dance with tracks, "To Die in L.A." 

Listen to their captivating tracks at: Visit their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates.

Coverage by Veronica Potes and Photography by Gaby Arauz

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