How Gasparilla Music Festival Obliterated Expectations With The Legendary Performances That Captivated Crowds This Year In Downtown Tampa, Florida!


Gasparilla Music Festival obliterated expectations and past lineups from previous years, the funk, passion, and soul were all unleashed and spilling throughout downtown Tampa March 10-11th. The acts that stole our hearts this year were KOLARS, The Young Something, Johnny Mile & The Kilometers, The Roots, WarPaint, The Underhill Family Orchestra, Ella Jet, Father John Misty, Brother Cephus, and Spoon just to name a few!




Things got wild and weird with the fantastic duo of KOLAR's this weekend at Gasparilla Music Festival. These two not only radiate an electrify energy on stage with there eccentric vocals but also with the bold and spunky fashion choices, dressed in sequins head to toe and metallic doc martins to match the shimmering finishes on the drums and guitar.



The Young Something is not coming quietly into the music scene; these St. Pete natives genuine songwriting about adolescents navigating their transparent youth both the euphoric and unfortunate parts is genuinely mesmerizing. The reliability can transcend to any age group, and leave people with hope and nostalgia.



Fr33back & Sam E. Hues spill their heart and soul into the performances the performances they create. The authenticity and passion just radiates through every single song they performed during the music festival this year. Not even the rain could stop these badass songwriters.




Johnny Mile & The Kilometers intoxicated the crowd with their unfiltered and sporadic energy, vocals, instrumentals, and crowd interaction. They know how to put on a show with their intriguing melodies and instrumentals casting out desired reactions.



The Roots absolutely captivated the crowd Saturday night with their immortalized energy and passion of ensemble and hip-hop undoubtedly giving an unforgettable performance. The beautifully seamless combination of soul and rap vocals is genuinely indescribable, the contrast and combination of the two sounds deliver a perfect balance to the song.



Spoon created electricity that transcended throughout the crowd with their raspy vocals and mellow dramatic beats and instrumentals with a little kick. The know to morph sounds into something so estranged and unfamiliar to the ear but in the unique and impactful way, making the audience want more.



WarPaint gave an unstoppable show with the kickass instrumentals and vocals that made it almost impossible for the crowd not to dance and feel the passion sink into their body. Every single song had powerfully bold hooks and lyrical content that translates into the performance.



The Underhill Family Orchestra's genuine connection with each other and to the music they create and share with the world translates when they perform on stage. The playful banter to each other and to the crowd while performing just shows the bond they have with their music and their fans. They create a spark on stage with the connection they hold with each other and the passionate music they share with the worl





If you missed Gasparilla Music Festival this year now, you know the incredibly talented artist that set the bar even higher for next year and the legendary performances you would be missing out on.

Coverage by Alexis Karr, Kelsey Walker, Javi Ortiz

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