ACL Magnetizing Music Festival


The glorious commencement of the second festival weekend of Austin City Limits was on October 9th to the 11th. In the early morning on Friday, October 9th, music lovers took the scenic stroll through Barton park and Barton Springs. The primary accessible entrance to the festival was located by the springs. Attendees posed for photographs in front of the large ACL guitar sign and murals at the entrance of the festival. After snapping several memorable photographs, guests entered into the festival undergoing a security check and their bracelets were scanned for entry.

The festival provided numerous interactive activities such as the Galaxy Experience, Austin Kiddie Limits, AT&T Gigapower Gallery, and Waterloo Records. Attendees went to the Galaxy Experience sponsored by Samsung for a chance to win a VIP experience at the festival. They won free meal tickets or gift cards that could be redeemed for festival merchandise or food. Also, this engaging area offered custom made screen print tee shirts, hats, socks and totes. People played the Samsung playlist game for a chance to win a pair of headphones. They had to guess the song played within a few seconds to be able to win the prize.

After guests scoped the festival grounds, purchasing band memorabilia and food and drinks, they made their way to the multiple stages to catch the opening band's performances. One of the performances was a multi-instrumental psychedelic rock group, Avers, at the Home Away Stage. The youthful Indie Rock band were highly energetic and provoking. The native Virginia band members of Avers are: James Mason, James Lloyd Hodges, Alexandra Spalding, Adrian Olsen, Charlie Glenn, and Tyler Williams. The members performed an array of musical instruments such as bass, guitar, keyboard, and drums. 

Avers' collective musical harmonies, ethereal vocals, and dynamic rock performance was a rousing festival mood elevator. The music was bombastic, entrancing, and forceful. The band mesmerized the audience by playing potent electric guitar riffs. Their gripping percussion engrossed the nearby stage area. They performed songs from their latest debut album, Empty Light. Visit their website (Avers) for upcoming tour dates and to listen to their impressive album.

After the Avers' performance, the audience dispersed to the various stages at the festival. The next band to look forward to was The Maccabees at the Miller Lite Stage. The performance by British Indie Rock band, The Maccabees, was moving and remarkable. They are making their comeback to the festival scene.

The Maccabees performed various songs from their four albums: Colour It In, Wall of Arms, Given to the Wild, and their most recent album Marks to Prove It released on July 31st. The enchanting songs from their latest album, "Marks To Prove It" are "Something Like Happiness," "Kamakura," and "Spit It Out." They also performed classic singles from their earlier album, "Colour It In," such as  "Precious Time" and "About Your Dress."

The talented band were set on giving the audience a memorable performance. They performed skillfully and whimsically to each song. The band members included Felix White guitarist, backing vocals, Rupert Jarvis bassist, and Sam Doyle drummer. Visit their website for upcoming tour dates.

Nate Ruess initially captivated his audience with his presence as he strolled unto the stage. He engaged by sharing with the crowd a short background of each of his written songs such as "Carry On" and "All The Pretty Girls." He performed various songs from his albums, "Some Nights" and "Aim and Ignite." He has previously collaborated with bands, .fun and the Format. The crowd happily sang along to his latest hit single, "Nothing Without Love. " Nate Ruess is a solo artist and performs with a backup band, the Romantics.  Check out his website for upcoming tour dates.


Albert Hammond Jr., prominent guitarist from acclaimed band, The Strokes, performed an outstanding performance at the festival. His performance was modern and rejuvenating. The atmosphere in the nearby stage was filled with electric beats and synthesizers. He performed songs from his latest masterful album, "Momentary Masters," which was released earlier this summer.

The audience danced along to his sensational songs, "Touche," "Coming to Getcha," and "St. Justice." The audience was cheerfully receptive to his classic songs from his earlier albums, Yours To Keep, ¿Cómo Te Llama?.


Tame Impala performed in the blazing hot evening at the festival. The audience endured the intense sun rays as they waited for the most popular band of the year to perform onstage. They watched as the band's crew members dressed as mad scientists in long white lab coats setup for the sound and light show. 

Tame Impala casually strolled unto the stage as their heat stroked fans cheered and applauded their entrance. Kevin Parker refreshed fans from the heat by shaking water bottles during his performance. The Australian Psychedelic Indie Rock group has diverse talented musicians.

Kevin Parker is the lead guitarist, vocalist, producer, and lyricist. He is a creative genius, composing the music and writing the lyrics. His soothing melodic voice accompanies the roaring music. He entranced the crowd as he jammed roughly at his guitar.

Jay Watson, creative solo artist of GUM, back-up vocalist and synthesizer. Dominic Simper, stoic guitarist and synth, Cam Avery, dark and mysterious bassist, and Julien Barbagallo, French native drummer.

Tame Impala lives up to the metaphor behind their band name. Their music and lyrics provide an ideology and visual display of creativity. They immediately engaged their audience as they ramped up their breath-taking melodies. Their musical experience is not only entertaining but also enamoring and spiritual. The band's experimental music utilize various effects of pedals and synthesizers. Their unique sound and spellbinding performances enhances the viewer's experience.

Their enrapturing performance began with a deep bass instrumental solo. The audience was enthralled by their spellbinding performances of classic songs such as, "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards," "Elephant," "Why Won't They Talk To Me?," and "Mind Mischief." These songs evoked a strong melancholic and dreamy emotion. Kevin Parker sang with seductive high pitched vocals to songs of his latest album, "Currents" such as "The Less I Know The Better." "The Moment" was an ethereal melody accompanied with thunderous guitars. The imagery was dazzling and complimented the ideal musical experience.

The band performed with a colorful and hypnotic laser light show on a gigantic black screen backdrop. Also, the television screens were fascinating because they would incorporate various psychedelic images of the groovy live show with multiple faded versions of Kevin Parker's face or fast spaced flashing live footage of the band's performance. Their performance at Austin City Limits was their final concert of their North American 2015 tour. Their memorable concert gave their fans a longing for a new album and future local tour dates. Visit their website for international tour dates.


George Ezra performed an evening set at the Austin Ventures stage. His performance was compelling and powerful. The audience watched in silence as if they were in church listening to a large choir service. His large deep voice was soulful and enchanting. He performed several songs from his album, Wanted on Voyage. He focuses on his singing but smiles cheerfully at his beloved fans. He evokes a soft kindness and warmth to fans similar to the warmth portrayed in his voice and songs.


Disclosure and Foo Fighters were the final performers at Austin City Limits. They were scheduled to perform at the same time at separate parts of the festival grounds. Disclosure performed at 8:00 pm at the Honda Stage. They performed to an audience of hundreds of raving fans eager to dance and cheer. The amount of engaging attendees was a mind-blowing sight to see. The British duo performed with a captivating light show which displayed images of electric carved caricatures and 80's themed colors. Their performance was an enormous rave on the festival grounds.