ACL Mystifying Music Festival


Father John Misty walked unto the stage in front of a beautiful large red velvet curtain staged for an opera performance. The American folk singer and song writer stimulated the crowd with his sultry dance moves and loud banter. His tall and slender body moved with the beat as he danced gracefully on the stage. His provoking performance included songs from his latest acclaimed album, "I Love You, Honeybear," such as "Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins)," "Strange Encounter, "True Affection," and "The Ideal Husband."

He strolled off the stage to interact with his loving and adoring audience. He stepped into the crowd, grabbed their hands, and sang to them. He grabbed one attendees phone while they were recording. He serenaded the fortunate front row audience providing them an unforgettable experience. His inspirational music is honest, thoughtful, and poetic. His insightful lyrics are accompanied with dazzling melodies.

It was refreshing to witness an artist such as Father John Misty interacting with his adoring fans. He does not let his audience become disengaged during his performance. They even recorded his performance on their cellphones to attempt to capture his unforgettable performance. His graceful love song, "I Went To The Store One Day", depicts the charming fateful day he met his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Tillman.

He commented on his social surroundings such as the distracting VIP ticket holders walking in front of the stage to snap a "selfie" while he performed in the background. The audience was receptive to his cynical banter and perverse stage presence. Even though he was voicing his observations of the audience or of current culture imperfections, the audience acknowledged, respected, and laughed along to his commentaries.

The musical performance by Father John Misty was passionate, sensitive, and tactful. He gives the audience his undivided attention and his soulful presence. He pours his heart and soul in every movement made on stage. He threw himself on his knees to the climax of his songs such as the performance of "Hollywood Cemetery."  He also stood on the drum set and swayed his hips to the melodic beat. His performance is a happy illusion of sights and senses.


The festival offered various meet and greets with up-and-coming and established musicians. Fans were able to meet their favorite acts at the Waterloo Records Artist Tent. The entry to the meet and greet was the purchase of a festival item such as Austin City Limits memorabilia or an artist's merchandise. Glass Animals were one of the diverse bands providing a meet and greet. The talented band are originally from Oxford and the lead singer, Baley, is a Neuroscience graduate. This talented singer creates stimulating beats and lyrics. The band happily interacted with their fans and signed autographs. The band had performed at the Samsung Stage earlier in the afternoon but were friendly, relaxed, and attentive despite their earlier intense performance.

The impressive music created by Glass Animals is reminiscent of tropical island beats. Their jazz inspired music is ornate and delicate. Their music incorporates a mixture of jungle and psychedelic melodies.  Their acclaimed album, "ZABA," is perplexing, dreamy, and seductive. Their songs provide detailed imagery of their complex lyrics. Their distinct song, "Gooey," is alluring and twisted providing the listener an image of an irresistible Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. 

Glass Animals' free-spirited music is the ideal playlist for a bonfire at the beach or poolside with friends. Their music is provocative and stirring. Their flirtatious song, "Hazey," is disturbing yet captivating at the same time. Their lyrics are intense and emotional. The band has created a distinguishable musical style that captures the listener's attention mentally and physically.

Twenty One Pilots performed in the blistering heat to a roaring crowd at the Samsung Stage. Despite, the high temperatures, the crowd packed tightly amongst each other for a front row view experience of this band. The musical power duo are acquainted with the frigid cold weather from their hometown in Columbus, Ohio. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, performed in a lively and wild way on stage.  His antics included jumping off their stage equipment as a skilled ninja mixed with a spider monkey. The vigorous drummer, Josh Dun, portrayed the animated nature of the band by wearing a mask throughout their performance.

TV On The Radio performed an invigorating performance at the Miller Lite Stage. The audience was crazed as the band provided an energetic performance. The songs performed were "Happy Idiot," "Wolf Like Me," and "Trouble." The band members are: singer Tunde Adebimpe. He has a persuasive and energetic manner. Kyp Malone is a steadfast and composed artist. Dave Sitek is a multi-instrumentalist and Jaleel Bunton is a spirituous and forceful drummer.

Drake closed as the final performer of the second night at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. His suave and muscular physique accompanied his deep burly voice and manly stage presence. He sang his popular songs, "Hotline Bling," and "Hold On, We're Going Home."  He enchanted the crowd with his smooth phrases and effortless dance moves. He brought unto stage with him, a special guest, Jada Cole. They performed several hip hop songs and rapped in unison. The concert ended with a finale of fireworks.