Desert Enchantment at Summer End


Summer Ends Music Festival hosted their second annual event in Tempe, Arizona. The festival was held at the enchanting and pleasant outdoor venue, Tempe Beach Park. The festival hosted a four day event with a variety of acclaimed artists from diverse genres such as Indie Rock and Hip Hop. The festival hosted by Lucky Man Concerts was held on September 24th to the 27th. The event was tailored to guests of all ages. 

The first day of the festival featured several talented Indie Rock musicians such as Cold War Kids, Brandon Flowers, and Hozier. The doors of the festival opened at 5:00 pm. The opening band was the vivacious Indie Rock band, Cold War Kids. The charismatic singer, Nathan Willett, is an enigmatic vocalist and multi-talented instrumentalist. The band provided a sensational performance with songs from their spectacular albums, "Robbers & Cowards," "Loyalty to Loyalty," and "Mine Is Yours." The crowd cheered and danced to performances of "Audience," "First," "Hang Me Up To Dry," and "All This Could Be Yours." The musicians interacted playfully with each other on stage. They demonstrated their various musical talents and also showed their camaraderie. Cold War Kids performed an enigmatic Pop-up Concert performance in Wynwood, Florida.

Brandon Flowers provided an alluring performance which left the audience in awe. He began his show promptly as the sun set upon the mountains in the valley. This soulful singer and inspirational songwriter appeared vibrant and stunning in his black lavish suit. His glittering attire and bombastic showmanship is heavily influenced by the Las Vegas performance circuit. Brandon Flowers has an agile nature and gentile voice. The audience does not expect this mild mannered singer to provide such an impressive and immense live show. 
His latest solo album, "The Desired Effect," is a whimsical album reminiscent of the 1980's soundtracks. His performance was emotional and forceful. His song lyrics depict imagery of unrequited love and loneliness.  Brandon Flowers performed exuberant songs from his latest album, "The Desired Effect," such as "Can't Deny My Love," "Lonely Town," and "I Can Change."  He interacted with the audience throughout his performance. He stood on the speakers to get a glimpse of his gleaming fans and would reach out to grasp a fan's hand or smile at them with a glowing smile.

He expressed adoration and pure affection for his fans in the crowd and they reciprocated by cheering and singing at the top of their lungs to each of his songs. The crowd received a treat when he performed songs from his previous Killers albums such as "Human," "Read My Mind," and "Somebody Told Me." Also, he performed several songs from his beguiling solo album, "Flamingo," such as "Only The Young," "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts," "Magdalena," and "Crossfire." Brandon Flowers performed an outstanding show for a venue filled with fans. The audience was starry eyed and cheered for an encore which Brandon Flowers truly wished he could provide if it were not for the time restrictions.

Hozier performed the closing show of the first night of the Summer Ends Music Festival. The onstage atmosphere for the concert was mystifying which provided a serene and hypnotic atmosphere. His deep voice was captivating and haunting. The audience listened and watched the performance attentively. His captivating performance included songs from his acclaimed album such as "Take Me To Church," "Work Song," and "Someone New." His elaborate songs are conceptual and methodical.

The Summer Ends Music Festival at Tempe Park was a memorable and entertaining music festival thoroughly enjoyed by music lovers. This event offered sensational musical performances. The crowd received an unforgettable musical experience from various remarkable groups. Fans will be counting the days to attend next year's festival.