Cold War Kids Electrifying Concert


Lexus and Pandora sponsored a free Pop-Up concert on Friday, June 12th. The event was hosted at the Micro theater in Downtown Miami, Florida. The exclusive event featured a pop-up concert performance by Indie Rock group, Cold War Kids. The group is based in Long Beach, California which attributes to their songs about the escapism and societal issues of metropolitan cities. The charismatic lead singer, Nathan Willett, is an enigmatic vocalist and multi-talented instrumentalist.The members of Cold War Kids are Dann Gallucci, melodic guitarist and keyboardist, Matt Maurst, enthusiastic bassist, Joe Plummer, pivotal drummer, and Matthew Schwartz, harmonizing percussionist. Cold War Kids have released heavy and robust albums such as, "Robbers & Cowards," "Loyalty to Loyalty," and "Mine Is Yours."

The free pop-up concert was promoted discretely since it was an impromptu arrangement. Doors to the Micro Theater opened promptly at 8:00 pm. Guests crowded into the venue and the space quickly reached capacity. As the time of the event drew near, guests began pouring in and valeting their vehicles at the entrance of the theater. The venue was decorated beautifully with edgy decorations and a spacious layout. The venue was decorated with pop art paintings and modern furniture. Guests immediately lined up at the bar to order their complimentary beverage. 

The compact stage was filled with an array of musical instruments such as an exquisite piano and multiple guitars. The concert began promptly at 9:30 pm as the band members of Cold War Kids stepped upon the stage. The band members walked upon the stage and the crowd was immediately mesmerized. The dim lighting bestowed dark shades of grey and purple upon the group. Cold War Kids began their set with the prolific songs, "All This Could Be Yours," "Miracle Mile," and "One Song At A Time."

The chemistry between the band members of Cold War Kids was unified and magical. The group played their individual musical instrument skillfully and adeptly. During the middle of their set, the crowd was further engaged as they began to play their popular hits. The crowd cheered when the band performed their classic songs, "We Used to Vacation," "Audience," "Louder Than Ever," and "Hang Me Up To Dry." The crowd danced and sang along with the band's perplexing performance.

Cold War Kids ended their spectacular concert by performing songs from their latest album. The crowd listened eagerly as they performed their latest singles, "Something Is Not Right With Me" and "Drive Desperate." The crowd was mesmerized during performances of their classical hits, "First" and "Hospital Beds." Nathan Willet, lead singer of Cold War Kids, kept the audience on their feet by switching from his electric guitar to playing profusely on the majestic piano. 

Free pop-up concerts are a wonderful addition to Miami's local music scene. Many Indie Rock fans are eager about seeing live performances by their favorite independent bands. Music lovers travel to major cities and attend music festivals to see their favorite bands perform live. Complimentary Pop-Up concerts should occur more often in Miami, Florida. Miami has an extensive community of passionate music fans willing to attend these extraordinary live performances.