Summer Ends Music Festival Picturesque


The entrance of the Summer Ends Music festival was lined with anxious fans eager to enter the festival grounds. The crowd rushed into the Tempe Beach Park for an opportunity to obtain a front row view of the stage. The second day of the festival had superb live performances by various independent artists. The sensational line-up on Friday, September 25th, featured artists: Kevin Devine, Manchester Orchestra, Spoon, Brand New, Thrice, and Jimmy Eat World. The musical styles of bands varied from Alternative, Folk, Punk, to Indie Rock. 

The opening performer was Kevin Devine, proficient musician from Brooklyn, New York. His performance was edgy and prolific. His stage backdrop was a comical and symbolic image of George Washington's face melting into a colorful pattern. This prolific image resembled his rebellious, powerful, and political music. His rowdy performance captivated fans as they sang and recited his lyrics loudly. Despite the blistering heat bearing upon the stage and the crowd, Kevin Devine shined and performed an eye-catching live show.

Manchester Orchestra are an astounding Indie Rock group from Atlanta, Georgia. The group has a diverse musical arrangement and several remarkable musicians. The members are Andy Hull, guitarist and songwriter, Robert McDowell, lead guitarist, Chris Freeman, keyboardist, Andy Prince, bassist, and Tim Very, drummer. The group has a sizable and dedicated fan base. Their live performance was impressive and eye catching.

Spoon are an exceptional Indie Rock band from Austin, Texas. This accomplished band has an extensive list of bewildering and elaborate songs. The band performed several songs from their suspenseful albums such as "Kill The Moonlight," "Gimme Fiction," and "Ga Ga Ga Ga." Their latest album, "They Want My Soul" is a glorious and melodious work of art. The group performed an evocative and bewildering show.
Spoon surprised the audience with performances of their classic hit singles such as, "I Summon You," "Turn My Camera On," and "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb." They jilted the crowd with short introductions of their latest songs such as, "Inside Out," "Rent I Pay,"  and "Do You." The group enthused the audience with their ornate guitar riffs and wistful melodies. Spoon performed several guitar solos which mystified the audience. Their electrifying performance was impressive and haunting which left the crowd mesmerized and charged.

The final performers of the evening were Thrice, Brand New, and Jimmy Eat World. A theme all these bands had in common was musical and song development. The bands have evolved their sound throughout their careers. The music by Thrice was originally geared towards Punk Rock which then evolved into Post Hardcore music. The band's performance has progressed into an alternative and experimental melody. The audience were bewildered by their dynamic and explosive performance.

Brand New shares similar music attributes with Thrice and their performance blended with the Indie Rock theme of the festival. This group utilizes their lyrics to connect directly with their audience. Their musical development has provided them with an advantage for a devoted and growing fan base. Their fans are endearing and supportive. Their fans eagerly welcome the band's musical developments. The fans anxiously awaited Brand New's thrilling performance at the festival. 
 Jimmy Eat World performed a rousing live performance. The audience watched in amazement as the group performed nostalgic songs from their earlier albums. Their adrenaline rush was felt throughout their dramatic and engaging performance. Jimmy Eat World performed vivid songs from their beloved 2001 album, "Bleed American." Their fans swayed and sang along to their euphoric songs such as, "The Authority Song," "The Middle," and "May Angels Lead You In." This band's lively and melodic performance left fans in a dreamy and joyful state of mind. 
The fans were elated after the second day of the festival. The musical performances were extraordinary and transcendental. The performing bands were flawless in every aspect. The attendees were anxious to attend the following day's music festival performances. The festival's weekend line-up featured Hip Hop performances by Jada Cole and Kanye West.