Mighty Max, Anastasia Max


There’s a sweet family connection between the brother/sister-led band of Anastasia Max. What makes the kinship extra special is how Anastasia Brenner looks up to her big brother, Max. She would look to him for guidance, assistance, and direction throughout the course of their performance at Stache in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday, March 31st. The ensemble has a strong and confident sound to them. The audience danced and thoroughly enjoyed their music.

Anastasia has a distinct presence about her when she is behind the microphone. Anastasia commands the crowd’s attention with her powerful vocals. She is emerged in the music’s groove and one cannot help but be mesmerized. She turns into a hypnotic and forceful lead singer.

The two make wonderful music together. Their sound is good ol’ head-banging rock-and-roll music. There is something really special about Anastasia Max and they are making themselves known to others in their performance throughout South Florida.

You can follow Anastasia Max across the social media platforms like: Instagram (@iamanastasiamax), Twitter (@iamanastasiamax), Soundcloud (anastasiamax) and Facebook (@iamanastasiamax). Their next two upcoming performances will be  at SoundBite presents "Prince One Night Alone Bash" on Saturday, April 22nd at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company and on May 3 at Gramps. Both shows will be performed in Miami, Florida.

Coverage and Photography by Ron Navarrette. For upcoming events and artists features, follow SoundBite Magazine on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.