SoundBite presents The Takers and Leavers & Castafellas



South Florida groups, Castafellas and The Takers and Leavers, performed an artist showcase at the Wynwood venue, Taberna Las Rosas on Saturday, April 1st. The groups engaged audiences as they performed their riveting sets. Aspiring Indie Rock group, The Takers and Leavers, are diligent musicians playing various shows throughout South Florida. Their music is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. The group performed original tunes and covers by The Strokes. 

The band members’ unique personality traits are shown in their live performances. The group collectively write songs together. Their song writing process is a highly collaborative process. Their inspirational songs are reflective on external and internal issues. Their music empowers the listener to live life to the fullest. They phrase their live performances as, "Melting faces."

The Takers and Leavers have an instant connection with their audience. The charismatic singer, Alex Alston, playfully speaks and jokes with audiences. The highly energetic group perform with all their might throughout the show. The singer jumps on and off their drum set while strumming at his guitar. The band members forcefully and skillfully played their instruments.

This motivated group will launch their musical career due to their impeccable drive, entertaining live shows, and forceful social media impact. They connect with their fans online and in person which boosts their growing fan base. The band members are Alex Alston, vocals, Rhythm guitar, Kevin Blackburn, drums, Garrett Craig, bass, and Cairo O'Toole,  lead guitar. Listen to their music at Visit their Facebook page for upcoming shows.



Castafellas followed the set with a high-octane live music experience. Their Alternative Surf Rock performance immediately caught the audience's attention. The group's energy was thundering and magnetic. Both groups' refreshing performances filled the audience with nostalgia. Castafellas' booming music and dynamic live performances is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Surf music scene.

Their peppy personalities and bold performance is akin to the film, Lords of Dogtown. Their music sets the stage for a stroll on the Venice Beach boardwalk with surfer filled beaches and skate parks. Adrian Torres, the lead singer, has clear and crisp vocals. His vigorous singing complements the fast paced melodies of the roaring drums and groovy bass lines. Their spirited music almost forced the audience to stand up and shake along with the fast paced tunes. Audience members crowded around the trio as they moved and shook along to the beat.

Their enthralling album, "Sun Bleached," is an ideal record to turn on an event filled weekend. You can feel the sand between your toes and the salt in your hair during these surf-rock tunes. Their catchy tunes move the listener with high-powered melodies and unified musical chemistry of the band members. The band is comprised of Adrian Torres, Pedro Romanelli, and Vinny Bregante. Listen to their music at and visit their site for upcoming shows at

Photography by Ron Navarrete.

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