Noteworthy Musical Reunions at Warped Tour


Avion Roe

Avion Roe performed a stimulating set at the Vans Warped Tour in Cleveland, Ohio. The Dallas Melodramatic Rock group creates whimsical tracks with touching lyrics. Their dreamy rock music is versatile and transcends their listeners. They incorporate various instruments such as piano and violin. Their uplifting songs are passionate and emotional. The band members are vocalist Evan Couture, bassist Sean Humphrey, guitarist Jordan Modro, and drummer Josh Cutlip. Visit their Facebook page to see their upcoming tour dates. Listen to their track, "Into the Rest."


Real Friends

Real Friends performed an amusing and powerful set. The Emo Punk-Pop group from Tinley Park, Illinois are electrically charged and emotionally driven. They utilize quirk guitars riffs and sharp drum beats for their impassioned stylistic melodies. The group's introspective lyrics discuss heartening topics of physical and mental health. Their riveting music also entails tales of heartbreak and letting go. "The Home Inside My Head," is a personal and dramatic album with heavy tracks. 

Real Friends consists of Brian Blake drummer, Kyle Fasel bass guitar, Dave Knox guitar, Dan Lambton vocalist, and Eric Haines guitarist. Their musical influences include Brand New and the Starting Line. Visit their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates. Listen to their track, "Scared To Be Alone."


New Found Glory

New Found Glory are a cult favorite of Vans Warped Tour. The Pop Punk Rock group are notorious for their comical on-stage antics and wild tour stories. The group originally from Coral Springs, Florida, have been performing since 1997. Their lively music is notable for Jordan's high pitched vocals and swarm of instrumentals. The band members are Jordan Pundik singer, Chad Gilbert guitarist, Ian Grushka bassist, and Cyrus Bolooki drummer. NFG are known as the International Superheroes Of Hardcore. Catch their nostalgic performances on tour and listen to their track, "My Friends Over You."


The Word Alive

The Word Alive performed an intense metal set in the blistering summer afternoon. The scream-core sounds soared over the invigorated audience. The audience chanted their lyrics and moshed with high adrenaline. The Phoenix natives are boisterous and forceful. The Metalcore group is reminiscent of Lincoln Park. The band members are Telle Smith singer, Daniel Shapiro bassist, Luke Holland drummer, Tony Pizzuti and Zack Hansen guitarists. Catch their spirituous show during their tour and listen to their track, "Life Cycles."


Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive performed a compelling and energetic set. Jenna McDougall is a passionate and sexy songstress among the male dominated music scene. She is an influential singer and evokes driving determination. The spirited Pop Rock group are from from Sydney, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist, Jenna McDougall, lead guitarist, Whakaio Taahi, rhythm guitarist, Jake Hardy, bassist, Cam Adler, and drummer, Matt Best. Attend one of their effervescent shows and listen to their track, "Drive." 




Yellowcard brought high school nostalgia with their memorable hit singles "Ocean Avenue," "Only One," and "Lights and Sounds." The Pop Rock group is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. The group's music has a distinct musical style by utilizing violin. The band derived their name from a high school phrase, “yellow card,” for someone committing party fouls. The band members are Ryan Key singer and guitarist, Sean Mackin violinist, Ryan Mendez guitarist, and Josh Portman bassist. Watch Yellowcard's rejuvenated shows on their tour and listen to their renowned track, "Ocean Avenue."


Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte evoke the image of their popular song, "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous." The Pop Punk group made their comeback at this year's Vans Warped Tour. Despite their West Coast celebrity image, the group originate from humble Mid-Atlantic beginnings. Their youthful music and unforgettable image are forever engraved with pop culture. Their catchy tracks promote the successes of living the American Dream.

Their stimulating music is heartwarming due to their moving vocals and enticing instrumentals. The band members are Joel Madden singer, his brother Benji Madden guitarist, Paul Thomas rhythm guitarist, Billy Martin keyboardist, and Dean Butterworth drummer. See the group's reunion tour and listen to their latest track, "Life Can't Get Much Better."

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