Magical Psychedelic Evening with Ray Lamontagne


A Renaissance man who creates graceful melodies describes the singer-songwriter, Ray LaMontagne. His latest album, "Ouroboros," is an ethereal audible experience. He takes a step out of the familiar with this album, receding from his soulful folk roots and taking a dive into the world of Psychedelic Rock. The album was produced by himself and My Morning Jacket's Jim James. Released on March 2016, this album features vocal cascades, fuzzy guitar chords, and jam-band style riffs. He performed a whimsical summer evening in North Charleston, South Carolina.

On Wednesday, August 10th, the lobby of the majestic North Charleston Performing Arts Center was filled with an eager audience awaiting a performance by Ray LaMontagne and his traveling band. The raucous audience immediately became quiet as Ray Lamontagne stepped out into a pitch black stage, lit only by single spotlight. The Grammy-winning artist acted as his own opener, performing hits such as “Trouble” and “Jolene.” His soulful and truthful voice struck a chord with everyone in the audience, shaking the walls of the hall. Within the first five minutes the audience was already on the verge of tears. 

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After these first few songs it was time to “bring out the boys,” Ray's supportive and talented band members. Accompanying the Grammy-winning artist was bassist, Tom Blankenship, drummer, Patrick Hallahan, and guitarist, Carl Broemel. Also, My Morning Jackets’ keyboardist, Bo Koster joined the band members. This group collaborated in the production of "Ouroboros." The band performed the entire new album, while accompanied by a blend of psychedelic imagery and groovy lighting. The audience were entranced by the jam-band style performance. They danced along to the melodies, the riffs, and the soulful vocals provided by Ray Lamontagne.

Ray LaMontange is currently on a North Amertican tour promoting his latest album. Listen and purchase his album, "Ouroboros," on Spotify, Itunes, and other music media outlets.

Featured Photography & Event Coverage by Jenny Alice Watts  @jennyalicewatts

Edits by Veronica @thespanishbardot & @soundbitemagazine

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