Merry Jane Music Festival


MERRY JANE music festival was hosted in the Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. The concert was presented by MERRY JANE (Cannabis. Culture. For All.) The artists and audience enjoyed smoking throughout the entire concert. The concert had a positive vibe throughout the crowd. The lineup included artists such as: DJ DramaCassie VeggiesKevin GatesJhene AikoSnoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa.

Philadelphia DJ, DJ Drama, has gained recognition as the official DJ for T.I. He has also collaborated with New Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne. He has hosted popular mixtapes such as Gangsta Grillz series. Kevin Gates is a rapper, singer, and entrepreneur from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His mixtapes and album, Islah, have been featured on the Billboard 200 chart. Jhene Aiko is an R&B singer and songwriter featured on music videos with R&B group, B2K. 

Californian rapper Snoop Dogg is a fun, funky, and laid-back performer. He is a positive force of energy by always making his audience feel at ease. He enjoys smoking and smokes with his audience. Snoop Dogg is a collaborator, actor, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He has his own line of slippers, vaporizer pens, and weed strain known as Snoop Dogg's Og Kush. He has collaborated on Kendrick Lamar's latest album and continues to collaborate with artists such as Gorillaz and Dr. Dre.

He previously collaborated with Dr. Dre on the critically acclaimed and Grammy award winning album, "The Chronic Album." Soon after collaborating with Dr. Dre, Snoop and Dr. Dre, and Suge Knight formed Death Row Records. They released their albums independently and released TuPac's album, "All Eyez on Me." Snoop Dogg and TuPac collaborated on America's Most Wanted. They could match each other as you can listen to on "America's Most Wanted." These talented MCs formed a close relationship. In the early 90s, "Tha DoggPound," his crew, were inseparable and performed with Snoop on stage.

He is influenced by "The Original Dirty Rapper" BlowflyGeorge Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and West Coast Synth Pop. He has also released a plentiful of solo albums.  Snoop Dogg is a natural performer who is gifted with rhyming over any beat. He has paved the way of Dr. Dre's artist discovery. He has discovered the best rappers such as Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Snoop Dogg is one of Hip Hop's most friendly and collaborative artist. He has collaborated on many songs with Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop artists.

Our generation's Bob Marley, he released a reggae album called "Reincarnation" and he became a Rastafarian. Snoop Dogg has his own podcast show, GGN, they talk about stuff that is happening in the music industry. Wiz Khalifa joined Snoop Dogg and he is prodigy. He is the younger generation's Snoop Dogg. He is a rapper, songwriter, and actor. 

Photography by Rose Alene Photography