Crystal Castles emotional and experimental whirlwind of sound


The Canadian unconventional musical duo, Crystal Castles, performed a boisterous live show at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas. The experimental Electronic Rock music pioneers astound the masses with their ear-splitting sound and shocking performances. The innovators are musical producer, Ethan Kath, and mysterious new vocalist, Edith Frances. Their riotous live performances are fascinating and riveting. Their despotic tracks are thundering and piercing. Edith's haunting vocals are clamorous and enticing. Ethan Kath's production incorporates heavy synthesizers, distorted beats, and rapid fluctuations. 

Edith Frances' Punk attitude is captured in the enchanting concert stills taken by Kirby Gladstein.

Crystal Castles' album, Amnesty (I), continues to mirror their politically driven angst and focus on human rights. The metaphor behind the album is encountering injustices such as discrimination, rape, and crime. Edith encouraged fans to purchase the album since all band proceeds were going to a cause that fights these injustices, Amnesty International. The phantasmagorical vocals on this album is produced by the inaugurated singer, Edith Frances. The multi-talented producer, Ethan Kath, instrumented quixotic percussion, penetrating synthesizers, and soothing reverb. The fanciful album combines whimsical and high-pitched vocals, textured layered instrumentals, and Electro-Pop Rock beats. This acclaimed album was recorded in Konk Studios which was established by the Kinks

Crystal Castles have previously collaborated with the remarkable singer, Robert Smith of the Cure on the song, "Not in Love." They captured Robert's raw and vivid vocals on home demo recordings. Ethan captures introspective lyrics and seductive vocals in the shadowy nature of each track. The alluring songs charm listeners with synth keys, extravagant melodies, and echoing vocals. Crystal Castles's third album was created with radical musical production with one take per song. Ethan believed in the raw form expression of the birth of the song.

The musical duos enrapturing live performances and cutting-edge songs baffle audiences. Their powerful pandemonium and gut-wrenching presence are primary reasons to attend their live concerts. Ethan and Edith work together to form a bewildering musical project. The visionary songwriters write dark lyrics about politics, crimes, and despair. Crystal Castles' progressive musical style and stage presence is nonconformist and revolutionary.

Featured Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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