Step into Dreamland with Rooney


The anticipated tour of Los Angeles' group, Rooney, will be opening this October in Austin, Texas. Their latest album, "Washed Away," is a melodic compilation of nostalgic memories, passionate love, and broken hearts. Their whimsical album and enchanting music videos illustrates the experiences of living on the West Coast. Rooney's momentous music and charismatic lyrics draw the listener into an entrancing mindset. Their expressive lyrics are inspirational and memorable. The group's dreamy sound whisks you away to a happy state of mind.

Rooney's unique riffs and enticing musical strokes grasp the listener's attention with their sentimental undertones. Their title track, "Washed Away," captivates with high electric sounds and energetic changes in tone. The song evokes an imagery of a heartfelt loss like watching a sandcastle being washed away by the ocean. Rooney has mastered capturing emotions and experiences through their music. Their inspiring music takes the individual through a personal journey.

Rooney's Robert Schwartzman has been working relentlessly on music projects which include "Double Capricorn," SoloBob, and STARSYSTEM. He has also wrote and directed the film, “Dreamland,” which will be released on November 4th at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival and November 11th in select locations. The film's main character is a struggling musician aspiring to open a piano bar but encounters difficulties along the way in achieving his dreams. The film features his family members, actor/brother, Jason Schwartzman, and actress/mother, Talia Shire. “Dreamland” has premiered throughout the United States in Independent Film Festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival

Robert Schwartzman's hard work and endeavors contributed to the release of his music and film. He writes and records the songs for the Rooney albums and soundtracks for “Dreamland” and "Palo Alto." His innovative music is derived from his creative ideas. Robert Schwartzman records in his rustic and bohemian Los Angeles Studio, Beachwood Park. His song writing process begins with playing the idea on a piano or guitar.

Robert Schwartzman's gift of uplifting and healing music

Robert Schwartzman has achieved an individual sound by uniquely creating each Rooney album. Rooney will be touring with special guests Royal Teeth and Swimming with Bears on their Groundswell Tour. Royal Teeth is a refreshing Indie group from New Orleans composed of talented musicians. Swimming with Bears is a soulful Alternative group from Austin, Texas. Both groups have powerful vocals and stirring instrumentals that delight listeners.

Visit Rooney's website to purchase tickets for upcoming tour dates. The first scheduled tour date is on October 12th at the Barracuda in Austin, Texas. Rooney will be performing at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on October 18th. Go to their site to listen to Rooney's new album, "Washed Away."

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